Naked Bottom on red carpet

Called on the Carpet



A few Fridays ago we managed a sneaky bit of time alone. The girl child was out for a sleepover and the annoying teen had gone out to play football (soccer to those of us that speak regular English) and we were ready to make the best use of this unexpected time. I went upstairs to gather a few items, a long riding crop, a bottle of lube and a pair of latex gloves. Molly was in her onsie and I took her by the hand and unzipped it so she could step out of it and I guided her to a pair of cushions that I had arranged on the large red carpet in our front room.

“Kneel” as I said those words she sank to her knees and I began to circle her counter-clockwise while tapping the crop on my right thigh. As I moved she twisted her head to try and see which implement I had. She has a thing about seeing and I have a thing about her not knowing because she wants to so desperately.

I was inspecting her. I used the crop to lift her chin.

“Head up, eyes forward” I said circling “Arms to the side”

With each command I used the crop to move her into position. Tapping it to show her where I wanted her. Once I was satisfied that she was following instructions.  I told her that it was time for the final inspection. I placed a large cushion in front of her and pressed the crop on her back to put her face down.

I stood for a few moments observing her, face down, ass up, right on our living room floor. Taking the latex gloves from my pocket and I pull them on, being sure to give the gloves that little extra snap that makes it unmistakable so that even without seeing she knows what I am doing.

“One final check my love, I need to know that ever inch of you is ready for me”

With that I open the lube and squirt a generous dollop on my right hand. With my left I spread her lips wide and slide two fingers inside her already very wet pussy. I curl my fingers inside her on each outward stroke dragging them over her Gspot in just the right way that I know will make her come. Holding her in place with my left hand in the small of her back I flex my fingers inside her with each slow and steady stroke.

“Touch yourself” I tell her “I want to feel you come on my fingers before I fuck your well used pussy”

“Please Sir, fuck me, I want to come on your cock”

She always says these words and sometimes I will grant her wish. But not today.

“No cunt, I want to feel you come on my fingers, I love the way you squirm when I fuck you with my hand. Then after you have come, it will be my turn. To use you just for myself”

That was all it took, she came hard and tight on me. Then I took my pleasure in her. I love that, taking my pleasure in her, the very words are enough to stir my passions and make me want to do it all again.

I started writing this post the day after we did this, but it got put into drafts while other posts grabbed my attention. But today I sent her upstairs for have an orgasm with the proviso that she had to tell me what she fantasized about afterwards. Thus I was prompted to finish this post since it was obviously good enough to inspire us both.

I think she well need to be called on the carpet far more often.



4 responses to “Called on the Carpet”

  1. Southern Belle Avatar
    Southern Belle

    I am not sure you are enjoying writing these but I must tell you I definitely enjoy reading them!

  2. Were the gloves just for inspection play or do you always use gloves?

    1. Inspection play.. that is the part of it that turns her on 😉

  3. Silver Eagle Avatar
    Silver Eagle

    Thank you for this. So arousing.

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