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  • Love, Sex and D/s

    Love, Sex and D/s


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    I have spent most of my life thinking that I am like other people, or that they are like me. I may have been wrong about that it seems. What am I talking about? I am talking about casual D/s. This is not to be confused with Topping, or what I like to call being…

  • Carpe Kitten

    Carpe Kitten

    Many of you know that I have a kitten now, but even though we have tweeted about it people have been shy it seems about asking questions. That changed today when I got a DM with the following questions. I asked if it was OK to share those questions with kitten and Molly and got…

  • Flirting with(out) Disaster

    Flirting with(out) Disaster

    I love to flirt. Really I do, I will flirt with anyone, seriously, anyone. I enjoy it, a bit of harmless fun and it makes (I hope) the people I flirt with feel good. I like to think that the people I flirt with know that it is safe. That I won’t take the playful…

  • Weekend Report

    Weekend Report

    We went out this weekend, it is an event we attend as often as they have it. While we do play at home (not enough to suit either of us) there is something special about playing out. There is a atmosphere at this event that just works. It is exceedingly well run with a light…

  • Painful Truth

    Painful Truth

    Here is a painful truth I have a problem. I am not good at sharing, well, to be honest I am a generous and sharing man. Do you need help moving? I will be there. Do you need something fixed? I can do that! Need advice or a shoulder to cry on? My ear and…