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Dear Wayne,

I see you have been making the rounds of sex blogs, that is a good thing. You are looking to see what other people have to say about sex, and relationships and even kink. Good for you to take the time to make these explorations to learn and expand your horizons.

Obviously in the course of these forays into the huge world of sexual variations you are going to find things that you don’t understand or that maybe even upset you. It’s okay that happens all the time. There are kinks that I don’t get at all, or even actively turn me off and I am probably considerably older than you are. And it that is ok, what turns us on or off is intensely person to each of us. I am sure Wayne, that you have kinks that you worry are somehow “wrong” and I want you to know that whatever your desires are they are alright so long as they aren’t against the law or non-consensual.

The thing is Wayne, is that you have an advantage over the people that you read. They have put their lives out in the open for you to find, they have taken the risk that someone will come along and tell them how horrible they are. You however don’t have to share anything about yourself in exchange. Now I am certainly not telling you how to think or behave, no one gets to do that. But I have to ask Wayne, what do you think your comments accomplish, not just this one you made at Cara’s blog, but also the one you made at Subbee’s blog? Do you think that people will read you comment and go “OMG, Wayne is right! I am a horrible person and I should change at once.”?

Or is it more likely that you just wanted to hurt them Wayne? That it made you feel better about yourself to tell these people you don’t know that they are wrong from the safety of your hidden identity?

It really is hard to say from only the two comments I can find, maybe you would like to get in touch and explain your goals and methods?

It saddens me to say that I think that you are an unhappy person Wayne. I think that you are pretty miserable and find some small solace in making other people miserable too. That you might even be a person that does it for the lulz, and that makes me sad. I could of course have it all wrong, you could be wildly successful and happy and are just trying, in your own weird way, to make the world a better place.


But all I see Wayne, is someone who is intentionally hurting other people who are hurting no one else in their explorations.

This, of course, is probably giving you just what you are looking for Wayne. Attention that you crave. I know you the wisdom of the internet is A) Never read the comments and B) Don’t feed the Trolls and I am breaking both of those rules.  But if I may offer an alternative approach? Try asking questions before you dismiss how people live their lives and maybe see if that changes your mind or if not, gives your greater insight into how they would like to live.

Either way Wayne, I would like to offer my best wishes for your learning and growth and a very happy life!

To those wondering what I am going on about here is a link to Wayne’s comment and a screencap of another comment he left on Feelings about bisexuality (comment unpublished).

Screencap of a comment for Fountains of Wayne



4 responses to “Fountains of Wayne”

  1. Vickie Brown Avatar
    Vickie Brown

    Dear Wayne,
    Karma is a Bitch and she has your number!

  2. Thank you for this!
    This is what makes me happy Imm private now. Enough bullies in my real life, I don’t need any from the Internet!

  3. Wayne,

    Why are you so angry? No one in cyberspace has actually done anything to you.


  4. Thank you for this, Michael. Very well said. I figured I’d leave these links here as well as Hy’s blog… so if he’s visited any other bloggers at least they’ll know they aren’t alone in being the recipients.

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