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Dominant Deprecations



I tend to run myself down, and most often in public. It often gets me glares and pfffts.

It is a holdover from my youth, as I was not the all knowing, amazing uberdom you see before you today. When I was young I used humor as a defense mechanism, after all if I made fun of myself then no one else could do it. Not to mention that I could often defuse a hostile situation with my jokes.

These days I am not the shy retiring youth I once was. I am confident and sure of my skills, talent and personality. But still I am the first to run myself down. I like to make people laugh and it is much safer to make fun of myself than it is to make jokes that might offend others (not that I have trouble offending others anyway) and to be honest there are areas where I might not be quite so confident.

Take this blog for example. This is my first attempt at sustained writing. I have tried my hand at fiction and opinion and many other styles of writing and I can concede that there have been moments when it hasn’t sucked. But I work in a world filled with amazingly talented writers (like the one sitting next to me shivering with the cold of an English June) and I know that I don’t hold a candle to any of them. That is OK, I am new to this and I like to think that even if my prose is not as good as I imagine, I at least bring a unique perspective and perhaps once I put in enough time I might even become a halfway decent writer. But I do know that if I don’t try I will never become better.

So for the time being the way I will head off criticisms (mostly my own) of how well I write I will continue to make fun of it.

But I won’t stop, that would be an actual failure and the worst joke of all.



4 responses to “Dominant Deprecations”

  1. never compare yourself to other writers, or you would never write and KEEP GOING!!! xxx

  2. I love that you have taken up writing and are doing this blog! Even though I don’t comment to everything, I read it all and don’t you dare stop *looks sternly at you and then bursts out in laughter*

    Seriously, please keep writing.

    Rebel xox

  3. Ok. I do understand what you’re saying here (and that you’re saying it with typical Michael humour) but a) yes, you do have a unique perspective b) I was once given some great advice in a writing class which was that other people’s writing strengths may not be the same as yours – you should look to them for how to do better at the things that you want to improve and they in turn should look to you for the things they’re not so good at c) Be careful that everyone knows you’re being a bit flippant. It’s important within the community I think that no one feels they can’t contribute because they’re worried about their writing skills.

    Oh, look at me – so SERIOUS. Already I’ve spotted something I could learn from you!

  4. I love your writing, the quirky humour and the honesty.

    Velvet x

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