A Doxy tied in place for Rocking

Keep on Rocking me

She came too in darkness, but it was the darkness of a blindfold. She could see nothing at all, but she did know she was bound, bound and naked. Her arms tied securely to the arms of the chair she was seated on. Her legs tied open exposing her cunt.

“Ah, welcome, I see you have decided to join us”

She jumped at the sound a voice right by her ear, but found herself unable to even squirm away so tightly was she tied.

“What’s happening? Who are you? Why I am here?”

“You are tonight’s entertainment, not just for me but for the room full of people watching you” As he spoke he moved around her body to stand between her spread legs.

She could hear a bottle open and the unmistakable sound of lube being squeezed out. The next thing she felt was the cold of the greased dildo being pressed against the lips of her pussy.

“I’d like you to meet Adam” said the voice “The chair you are on rocks and if you swing your weight backward Adam will fill you up quite nicely” He continued to move devices unseen into place as he spoke. “Now this is the Doxy, not a stock item I am afraid. This one has been modified to vary its intensity remotely.” She felt the head of the vibrator  press against her clit and shuddered.

“Please, what have I done? Please just stop this, I am begging you”

“Now the men in this room get to bid on the control for the Doxy, they pay for the right to control the speed and intensity. The only time that the vibrator turns off is when you are rocking the chair. So you see, you have a choice my dear girl, you decide which it is to be. But it does not end until you come.”

With her prepared for use he turned to the the room and announced.

“Gentleman, bidding starts at $100 for the first two minutes with the control”

She moaned as she started rocking the chair.

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