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Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Sometimes it is just to hot for many forms of BDSM play. Seriously, I moved to this country for the cool dreary weather and now there is all this sunshine. Disgusting I tell you, I may have to write a strongly worded letter to the Times.

I am not a fan of being hot and Molly is not a fan of being cold and to be fair the weather here is often more to my taste that to Molly’s. The rest of England is unhappy either way. If it is typical English weather they moan to each other about how terrible it all is and why can’t they have some lovely sun and heat. If it is sunny and hot then they are all dying of the heat. You need to keep in mind that in this country a heatwave is three days over 80° F. Where I come from that is a cool Summer day.

But as I have mentioned I am not a fan of the heat and the thought of getting hot and sweaty while playing doesn’t work for me at all. But, there is this wonderful place we go to, down by Heathrow. A naturist club called Kestrels. It has a lovely big swimming pool and lots of lounge chairs and best of all, you can fuck anywhere in the club. Right in the pool, right on your lounge chair, even in one of the little cabins scattered about if you want a bit of privacy. There are even several hot tubs, but you are not getting me into one of those infernal contraptions!

The rule is naked and what that means is that you have have your towel wrapped around you (as I mostly do to spare the other guests) and well, we all know how much Molly loves to be watched so she not only is naked but often having a little fiddle about much to the joy of everyone at the club.

I am a big fan of the pool, cool and refreshing and if I want ,I can slide right into her while she is lost watching the planes at Heathrow take-off or land. I have often joked that she is more turned on by planes than she is by me. It is the perfect way to combine a bit of kink with escaping the occasional heat of Summer. A picnic lunch, a bit of swimming, a bit of public sex.

Really, what could be better?


P.S. by Molly…. PLEASE let this weather continue next week so that we can use our kids time wisely and actually get to go to Kestrels this summer. Last year the minute my kids went on the summer holiday with their Father it started raining and summer was essentially over. I am crossing my fingers (but never legs) that doesn’t happen this year.

5 thoughts on “Feeling Hot Hot Hot

  1. Hey, we Brits love moaning about the weather, if its cold we want the sun, if that comes out, feck it`s way too hot and we moan about that, rain, oh we hate that, but no rain, we moan the up and coming droughts, grounds and grass are too dry/not green/not flourishing and my water butts is empty. It`s what we do . . PLUS so much better than talking about Brexit . .

    As for Kestrels, my Owners go there, (last week in fact) and I hope to go too, weather permitting lol.

    You will be fine for the weekend, slightly cooler but nothing torrential . .

    PS a heat wave in the UK is classified by 5 consecutive days of temps 5 C above the norm lol – we don`t get many of those lol

  2. It’s been years since we’ve managed to co-ordinate a day off work with the right weather and not had something else already booked/planned!!

  3. The Brits sound exactly like the Dutch… forever moaning about the weather.


    Master T is never in the mood to play when it’s too hot and I really needed to get used to this… “glad” to see others feel the same about it….

    Let’s hope the temps cool down soon. Twenty degrees is more than enough for me 🙂

    Rebel xox

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