Mac and Cheese for Million Dollars

But not a real green dress, that’s cruel



There are moments that stand out, moments that you can recall with so much clarity that all you need to do is close your eyes and you are right back there. Standing in the Tweeter Center with Molly standing in front me, my arms wrapped around her while The Barenaked Ladies played “If I had a Million Dollars” and we sang along in the heat of a Philadelphia Summer’s night. I had introduced her to the band before we had met in person (because sharing music is a great way to see if you fit together) and by sheer random luck they were in town and I managed to snag some last minute tickets.

We took the ferry across the Delaware and had an amazing evening, and I managed the heat because, well, love makes you do that. I have long treasured that evening and I think it is fair to say that Molly does too. Really all the time we got to spend together was very precious and seemingly magical. I think that is still the case today, even if the chores of everyday life sometimes get in the way.

Ever since then I have been waiting and watching for the Barenaked Ladies to come to London so that we could go again and by lucky accident they are in town and we have managed to score a pair of tickets. And while I am sure it won’t be the same as the first time I know that it will be a great night for the two of us to make new memories for the years ahead.

And while I may not have a million dollars I do hope that the sentiment of the song still moves her in the silly and loving way it did the first time she experienced it.

And now that she knows what a Kraft Dinner is it will be even better.


P.S. What do you say that we try to see the Barenaked Ladies every six years?

P.S by Molly… I like this plan a LOT maybe next time we can catch then in Philly again.


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