A picture if Teddy for a post about naughty

Just the naughty bits

On Twitter today I saw the question “What is the definition of naughty?”

I  thought about that and decided that like so many other things it is always a personal answer. Now I am talking about the sexy kind of naughty not the dodging taxes version although I suppose that might be one of the Donald’s kinks.

What I think is naughty you might consider tame and visa versa. But really what matters is that whatever that thing is, it turns us on. Often it is the little things that Molly does that will turn me on.

Like when she is sitting next to me working and playing with her vape. She will often place it between her legging clad thighs and idly slide it up and down against her pussy.

I’m not even sure she knows she is doing it, but I sure do and it totally works for me. I love watching her touch herself and the fact that she isn’t aware that I am watching adds to the naughtiness of it all. I like that and I am pretty sure that when she reads this she will give me that funny little half embarrassed grin that tell me she likes it too.

We all have those little things that get us excited and what makes them naughty is sometimes a mystery and sometimes crystal clear. Like when she idly strokes her pussy and many other things like snuggles Teddy at bedtime.  While how Teddy came to be is a story for another day I sometimes imagine her looking at me and saying “I think I have been a bad girl and I need a spanking”

Now that defines naughty for me. What defines naughty to you?


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