molly in a graveyard for haunting

You have now entered, The Twilight Zone



Molly has a thing about sex and death. She loves graveyards and someday wants to have sex in one. It appeals to her because I think it is a way of celebrating life. I do know that she would love it if people came (once she had passed happily mid-orgasm at the ripe old age of 104) and had sex on her grave. I am even sure she would provide a lovely comfy spot for that to happen if she could.

As long as I have known her she has written about ghosts, and hauntings and of course sex. I think she captures some of what makes this work so well in Haunting you it is oddly her passion for life that makes sex in a graveyard, or maybe with a ghost so hot for her. That act of defiance in the face of mortality suits her personality.

We have not made our trip to the abandoned cemetery to do the most life affirming thing you could do in the midst of death. But we will, some hot summer night, we will make the trek, park discretely,  walk through the creaky iron gate and celebrate in our own special way.

Maybe if we are very lucky we will find there is an after life and Molly will get to be a sexy ghost seducing unwary men into moonlight trysts only to find that come dawn they might have to wonder if it was all a dream.

Or maybe she was just haunting you.


Ps… I am torn about the whole burial thing. I am not keen on the cremation idea to be honest. I think I might like to be disposed of in the old fashioned way. Actually what I would really like is to have one of those tree pod coffin things where the tree grows over the top of you but if that is not possible then I think I want to be in a good old fashioned spooky cemetery with lots of other dead bodies and yes, I want people to come and celebrate life over my dead body by having sex or masturbating there. A tree would obviously help with that a great deal, as it would give people something to rest up against, but if not, then maybe a little bench for people to sit (and fuck) on would be good.


2 responses to “You have now entered, The Twilight Zone”

  1. Hmmm, there is an idea for the future: sex positive cemeteries.

  2. This is something I definitely share with Molly. Graveyards were somewhere I used quite frequently when I was younger and needed to be away from parents/house mates etc.

    It has been a long time since the last graveyard shenanigans happened, I may need to rectify that one soon.

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