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  • When I think about you

    When I think about you



    … you touch yourself. I love watching women make themselves come. In fact when she comes back downstairs I am going to tell her to lay on the sofa and play with her cunt. I can see it now, she will watch my face as she spreads her legs and shows me her cunt. I…

  • Bang it out

    Bang it out


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    I love a good hand job. This is something that I think can often be overlooked as a full and complete sex act all on its own. Sure they are great as foreplay but a great wank delivered by a knowledgeable partner can be absolutely glorious! A well lubed hand gliding up and down my…

  • Lay Your Hands on Me

    Lay Your Hands on Me

    I have a thing about hands. Not all hands, just men’s hands. I have no interest in women’s hands, but men, I always notice their hands. I like big hands; they need to look strong and powerful. I think the right word might be rugged, a little weather worn, maybe a scar or some sign…