Panties on foot with cunt exposed

When I think about you

… you touch yourself.

I love watching women make themselves come. In fact when she comes back downstairs I am going to tell her to lay on the sofa and play with her cunt.

I can see it now, she will watch my face as she spreads her legs and shows me her cunt. I know that she will be wet from the moment I tell her what she is to do. While she has a very pretty pussy it will not be looking at just that.

Watching a woman touch herself is so sensuous, the way fingers dance over flesh, touching, dipping, rubbing. Her face lost in reverie. I want to to be able to see inside her mind to know what thoughts move her as her breath quickens and her heart beats faster. The way the scent of her fills the air as she pulls back the skin of her mons to get just the right access to her clit. I love it all. There are times when I just watch silently, taking in the whole of her absorption in her path to orgasm, noting each tiny detail from start to finish almost all of it taking place with eyes closed until her orgasm is about to rush over her when her eyes fly wide open and she says ” Oh Sir, I’m going to come”

Today when she came I could not resist pushing a finger into her still pulsing pussy and bringing it to my lips to have a taste, and since I had already gotten my fingers wet I thought I might just as well rub her G spot in that very specific way that can often bring her to orgasm again (coming more than once is often difficult for Molly) and finish our time on the sofa together with a few licks of her lusciousĀ  wet cunt.

As I sit here and write the last few words of this post I have discovered an unexpected benefit of facial hair. Every breath is full of her scent.

I love to watch her touch her cunt, and I know others have enjoyed watching her as well. I may need to arrange that again.


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