Wrists chained behind bottom with knife marks

Off the Cuff

Once upon a time, before I came to this land I would, upon occasion, have you spend your days wearing your cuffs all day long (it did make trips to the corner shop much more interesting) and I think that we need to revisit that.


So off the cuff I say

on with the cuffs!

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5 thoughts on “Off the Cuff

      1. Really a knife? I can’t even begin to explain how much that fascinates me. I’ve never experienced knife play and off the top of my head would probably say No I don’t think so. All that being said though I’m often driven and turned on by things that put at least a little fear in me.

        Do you actually cut through the skin with it? Causing blood? Or is it just about the fear, marks and I’m assuming pain? Hope I’m not asking too much or crossing a line. I’m just curious.

        Thank you,

        Aiden xo

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