Glass dildo on desk next to glasses

So Raise Your Glass

A busy day in our household, what with the kids needing to get back into the school routine, homework, reading, watching the news, dinner, Molly going to Photoclub after deciding to run the Top 100 Sex Blog Redux, me joining in with #sextalktuesday while putting the younger one to bed. Whew, it is exhausting just typing it all out never mind actually doing it.

But these are the distractions of everyday life and I like to make sure that doesn’t end up with us both falling into bed exhausted and too tired to do anything just for us, because that is how a rut begins and we are going to make damn sure any rutting we do is the dirty kind 😉

So I tweeted

To which she replied

So I have picked out the glass and left it on her desk and very shortly I shall watch her put it to good use.

So raise your glass if you are wrong,

In all the right ways.

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