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Well Fucked Cunt

Some words for my cunt.


I will be waiting for you when you get home, right by the door.

As the door opens I grab you and toss the black cloth sack I have waiting over your head and drag you stumbling to the living room. The shock makes you cry out, but I ignore you as I push you onto the rug on the floor
You fight and twist trying to get away, but I press one hand into the small of your back holding you down as I pull my zipper down and thrust hard into you.

“You are wet slut” I growl, my face by your ear as I lay down, my weight across you.

“But then you are always wet, aren’t you? Just a hole to fuck, to use”

You are whimpering as I fuck into you harder and faster with each stroke. I can’t last long like this, using you for my pleasure always make it hard for me not to come, to fill you. With one final push into your tight hot cunt I come, growling in your ear, calling you every filthy name I can think of and I release myself. Moving off you I gently pull the bag from your head to see you smile through the tears.

“May I come now Sir?” you ask quietly as I sit back and look at you.

“You may slut” I reply grinning as I watch you roll over, spread your legs and begin to touch your well fucked cunt

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