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Dinner, and a Show


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We have a kids free weekend, and we decided that we would stay in. She could get some blog stuff done, I had some work to do.

Now almost every kids free weekend starts the same way. Once the door slams she leaps into action. The Noo-Noo (new-new) known to most other humans as the vacuum, appears if by magic and a frenzy of cleaning follows. I have been able to tame this beast, to a small degree and we had a calm and relaxed Friday night.

But I know she is torn about kids free weekends in. On one hand the concentrated blocks of time allow for a chance to get ahead for the week. But, on the other hand we have limited time to get out and about, she likes that, new places, new photo opportunities, new experiences.

So I decided to make this a special weekend in. I got up early this morning while she slumbered on while I did “The Big Clean” (that’s what she calls it) I did all the dishes, wiped the counters, vacuumed all the floors and rugs and washed the hallway and kitchen floor. To top it all off I had coffee waiting when she got downstairs.

That was part one. Part two was dinner. I let her know that expected dinner attire was nude, with shoes and makeup, but first a nice hot bath so she would be warm enough (and so I could get ready myself). The dinner menu was, Sirloin steaks and baked potato with Bearnaise sauce and broccoli with Boston Cream Pie for dessert. Once everything was ready I called upstairs and asked if she was ready. She answered that she was, so I turned off all the lights leaving the dining room lit by the two candles on the table and climbed the stairs where she was waiting, naked, except for hold ups (with a pair of heels I especially like) and make up.

This is when my special surprise was revealed. I had dressed just for her too. In a suit, and not just any suit but a formal suit all the way to the bow tie. To say she was pleasantly surprised was an understatement.

“You put on a suit! Why did you do that? You hate suits”

And she is right, I do, I only own suits for two very specific events we attend and if it wasn’t for the dress code (and the fact that we enjoy the events) I would never own such a thing.

I told her “I wanted to wear a suit, not because I had too, but because you would like it” and with that escorted her downstairs to our romantic dinner with soft music playing.

We had our food (I make a killer steak if I do say so myself) and chatted as we would at any other meal like this was just how dinner should be, me suited and her nude.

Now for the show. Once the table was cleared I spread our aftercare blanket on the table with a few cushions for her head. I sat at the head of the table and moved a candle between her thighs and proceeded to bring her to orgasm with one of her favorite glass dildos while keeping up a running commentary of what a good girl she was and how wet her cunt looked. She does love being inspected and I love watching her come.

After the show I stepped into the kitchen to take the picture for this post of the tableau we had created when I noticed she was crying.

“What’s wrong my love?”

“Nothing Sir”

“Then why are you crying?”

“I didn’t know that anyone… that I… could be loved this much”

I think that might just say it all.


P.S. There were more photographs taken by her (because we have a poly relationship with the camera) of our evening in, and I am sure they will appear on her blog eventually.


9 responses to “Dinner, and a Show”

  1. Southern Belle Avatar
    Southern Belle

    This is beyond lovely!!

  2. this actually made me well up at the end, wait–i am again. this is so beautiful!!!

  3. Beautiful. As I have always said… I love the way you two love. Lustful romantic evening. X

  4. Stop making me cry!

    1. *passes tissue


  5. Amethyst Rose Sullivan Avatar
    Amethyst Rose Sullivan

    To have a relationship like yours, is something I dream of. *sigh*

  6. I know how Molly feels so well! Makes me cry sometimes with the utter beauty of it.

  7. My heart hurts because this is so lovely.

    1. I was very lovely to do for her/us. I like to find ways to make her happy, and then use her for my pleasure 😉

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