School Uniform for Spanks

Spanks for the Memories

I have been working on getting this fantasy down in black and white for quite a while now, and I know that I have been a bit distracted with this kind of thing for a bit, but fantasy is important in keeping me inspired so I do hope you will bear with me while I put the finishing spanks… err touches on this (meant to be short) piece of writing.

I was waiting for her impatiently. She was my last appointment of the day and it had been a very long and frustrating day. Dealing with problem students at an all girls school was never easy on the best of days, and this certainly hadn’t been one of those. Two fights, complete with screaming and hair pulling, one girl selling illegal substances and all of it means reams and reams of paperwork and meetings and phone calls to angry parents all of whom protested the innocence of their darling angels.

My last meeting of the day should be simple. Just a dress code violation from an otherwise well behaved student. I paged through her school record while I waited for her to arrive at my office. The oldest in her Year 13 class she was an average student with no other demerits, but very little involvement in clubs or other after school activities, a loner it seems. Generally  what you can learn about someone just from their school records often gives you a fairly good idea of what kind of person they are, but her record revealed nothing about her other than. “A solid student” “Keeps to herself” “Reluctant to participate”

I had gotten so involved with reading her school files that by the time I placed the folder back down on my desk I hadn’t noticed the time, it was well past the hour of our appointment and I knew that everyone had left and that meant I was going to have to lock up as well.

A surge of anger swept over me. Just one more thing in an already stressful day. Well any mercy I might have been about to show was washed away in a flood of resentment. She would need to be taught a lesson in respect. Just as I was about to add a note to her file to give her detention there was a knock on the door. Taking a deep breath to calm myself I straightened my tie and opened my office door.

The sight that greeted me left no doubt as why she was sent to see me. Sure, she was wearing the elements of the school uniform. The white knee high socks, navy skirt and white blouse, but it was how she was wearing those things. Her skirt rolled up (what teen girl doesn’t do that) but to the point where if she bent over you would be left with no doubt as to what her choice of undergarment were, the blouse unbuttoned so far down that you had to wonder that if you listened closely you might be able to hear the tear starting in the tiny thread of that last button from the weight of her full and bra less breasts. Her hair was dark and short, cut slightly longer on the left side of her face and she had swept that lock of hair up behind her ear. Her eyes were mesmerizing, green, with a hint of brown at the center and she had that look, you know the one, Eighteen going on, eat you alive Twenty Five.

It was at this moment that I realized I had been staring at her silently for at least 30 seconds with my mouth open and after a moment she cocked her head to the side and said “You wanted to see me Mr Knight?” She was completely at odds with the mousy, quiet, nervous girl I had imagined while reading. I put on my best stern administrator face and gestured for her to step into my office. “Yes Molly, please take a seat.”

I have a process with these meetings. A bit of stern and scary to start with to put them in a repentant state of mind, reveal the punishment, have them the acknowledge the severity of what they have done, and then a gentle reassurance that all will be well if they just “knuckle down” and “tow the line”, after a few thousand of these it gets to be a bit scripted, after all, they are here to listen to you, you really only have to pretend to listen to them. My office is setup to reinforce this little play. Dark wood paneled walls, bookshelves with leather bound, never cracked covers and most importantly the large carved wooden desk. I even set my desk chair just for these meetings to add that little bit of height advantage, nothing like looking down, while delivering a dressing down to get the desired intimidation. Opposite the desk are two chairs, one for the penitent and one for the inquisitor.

She took her place on the bare wooden chair, even though she had never been there before, as if she knew just by looking where her place was in this drama, but she didn’t look afraid at all. Her eyes never left my face, bold with defiance. That attitude was reflected in how she sat, not in the demure stance of many of the girls, but knees spread wide and her sneaker clad feet hooked around the wooden legs of the chair.

“Do you know why you are here Molly?”

“Yes Sir” she said with an impish grin “I do know why I am here, but do you?”

Now this was not the response I was expecting at all and that calming breath I had taken just prior to her arrival was washed away in a sudden flush of anger.

“You are here because of your state of dress young lady and I expect you to change your attitude and tone of voice or you will quickly find yourself wishing you had!”

I didn’t quite shout, but I certainly did raise my voice. The cumulative effect of the brats I had to deal with each day combined with the cheek of this little minx were the last straw. I am sure my blood pressure ticked up a few  points while I delivered this tirade because her grin just grew wider.

“Make me” she said with that grin on her face.

“WHAT did you just say?” I sputtered

“Make. Me.” and with that, she slid her skirt up her thighs until I could see her white panties start to peek out from under her skirt.

“Push your skirt back down where it belongs Molly, before I do it for you” I growled. I was enraged at this point and cogent thought was becoming a distant memory.

Molly jumped up out of the her chair and did a little twirl causing her skirt to flair out and giving me a perfect view of her pantie clad  bottom before darting behind the other taller leather backed chair.

“I have been a very bad girl Mr Knight” she giggled “I think I need to be punished”

“I was hoping you might just be man enough to give it to me”

As she uttered that last sentence I strode towards her as she tried to scamper out from behind the chair. I caught her wrist and used her own momentum as I sat down and swung her over my lap. Without even thinking I flipped her skirt up and started spanking her tight, pert ass.

All I could see was red as I muttered to myself

“man enough”

“cheeky little brat”

“teach you some respect”

all the while my right hand a blur spanking her again and again.

When I finally was able to start thinking again the first thing I noticed was that she wasn’t trying to get away. Not that she could have of course because I had her pinned firmly against me with my left arm. It wasn’t that she wasn’t moving, she was. She was grinding herself against my crotch and my body was responding! This was not helped when I also noticed that she wasn’t crying, but moaning and murmuring

“Oh yes Sir”

“More Sir please”

“Just like I dreamt”

“Please Sir, on my bare bottom, I beg you”

With those words the stirrings I felt only intensified until my cock was hard rock hard beneath her squirming body. I paused the pummeling of her bottom to drag her panties down to her thighs and immediately resumed my pace. Each smack of my hand against her now bare ass send a pulse right through her which caused my cock to twitch each time. And now with that fabric barrier removed I could feel the heat of her, not just the ever growing warmth of her now red checks, but the growing heat of her pussy as she writhed against the fabric of my suit. Her gasps increasing as each blow of my hand made her wetter and my cock harder, in a way it was as if the spanking was masturbating us both.

“More spanks” she cried “Harder Sir, I’m almost there!”

So was I, and and so my hand began to deliver those spanks harder and faster as she thrust her young body ever harder against my body until the moment of no return came, for the both of us. I think that the pulsing of my cock against her bare wet pussy is what did it, either that or the resounding final slap of my hand on her ass. Whichever it was it was glorious and I held her body tight to mine as we both spasmed together. Once the moment of orgasm had passed I slowly let my grasp on her body loosen as the enormity of what I, what we, had just done started to sink in. She slowly slide from my lap and ended up kneeling on the floor in front of me with her face nuzzling my come soaked trousers.

I started to see my life and career ending when she went to my superiors and told them of how I had taken advantage of her. I could almost see my new life in prison, or if I was extremely lucky my new life as a registered sex offender. My whole body started to shake with the shame of what I had done. When I heard her muffled voice.

“It’s okay Sir, this is what I wanted” She murmured as I felt her tongue lick at the front of my pants.

“I will never tell a soul” and still she licked like a kitten at the cream.

“I need you to swear it Molly, this could be my ruin if anyone ever knows”

and with that she climbed to her feet and kissed me on the cheek.

“I swear Mr Knight that I will never tell another soul how I seduced you into giving me what I have always craved”

Her face was so solemn as she said those words that I knew she meant it.  With that she gathered her things and headed towards the door and off to home.


I haven’t worked at the school for years now. I have moved on to greener pastures and new adventures. But before I left I made myself a spare set of keys.

They come in very handy when we return to that building and that office once a year for our anniversary.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate it.


5 thoughts on “Spanks for the Memories

  1. Wow. That was just. Oh my. I mean you’re writing is great! It’s amazing to find how in your fantasy you can capture a myriad of emotions- from erotic to shame. And that’s actually what one would feel like. Here, you gave each emotion a short period of time to sustain. Really great piece!

    1. Thank you so much, I could have gone into great detail (because there was lots more in my head) but I find that I can lose the story in all that detail. Thanks for reading!


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