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  • Smoke




    The cigarette dangled from his lip, just like it did for James Dean in those old black and white movies. She nearly giggled at the thought, but not because it was funny or cute but because she was terrified. Terror does funny things to your mind, especially when you are strapped naked to a cold…

  • Thou Shalt Not Covet

    Thou Shalt Not Covet



    She likes to watch while I fuck another woman. I like it too, even if it does cause me a bit of unease*. It turns us both on and while I have talked about why Molly(she has written about it as well)  enjoys it, she has been after me to write about it from my…

  • Sticky Pudding

    Sticky Pudding



    I allow her a quick glimpse of the candles and food waiting for us, but quickly slip the fur lined blindfold over her eyes. She makes a tiny noise of displeasure. I know she is not a fan of the blindfold, she loves to see, to watch, “Shhh, don’t worry my love, I want you…

  • A Taste for Life

    A Taste for Life



    She had heard of this place. Lost for many years, but found again. A place where the world was thin, where the boundaries between past, present and future had frayed so much that sometimes things could pass between those worlds. She had brought her lover with her to this place, even though his prime had…

  • The Venn of Desires

    The Venn of Desires



    So we have been talking about a lot of things lately (I know, surely we must be bored of all this communicating) about porn and wanking and fantasies. All of this led to this post that has been brewing in my head (my thoughts often need to percolate) for a while. What I want to…

  • Punishment Time

    Punishment Time

    Mr Mann walked to the door of Abigail’s Cell, pulling off his belt as he stepped through the doorway. “Frankly Abigail, I am glad it is you, I have been looking forward to this ever since I grabbed you, and to be completely honest I prefer brunettes” “Fuck off you twat, I’m not taking any…

  • Winner and Loser

    Winner and Loser

    Abigail woke with a start wondering if she was still dreaming. Why couldn’t she move? Why was she cold and naked? The last thing she remembered was walking to school and that was it. She tried moving her arms and legs again to no avail, turning her head she could see that her wrists were…

  • Induction


    He sat calmly and patiently with only thoughts of the work to come. He had done this many times before, in the beginning he read the rules from a leather bound notebook that contained all that was to come, but after so many sessions he knew what had to happen by heart. They would wake,…

  • Reception


    Continued from The Grey Man The building had been empty for nearly a decade, the victim of a changing economy and a shortsighted borough council who would rather let an employer vacate to Wales rather than update a building to save hundreds of jobs. Now the formerly busy productive factory just sits and rots, or…

  • The Grey Man

    The Grey Man

    “If only there were a better way” He thought to himself as he pulled the supple leather gloves over his hands. “So many of them don’t work out, you never know how they will take to it, no matter how long you watch” He whistled to himself as he gathered the needed supplies and put…