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Thou Shalt Not Covet



She likes to watch while I fuck another woman. I like it too, even if it does cause me a bit of unease*. It turns us both on and while I have talked about why Molly(she has written about it as well)  enjoys it, she has been after me to write about it from my point of view. So I have decided to take that challenge.

Beyond the usual male fantasy of being the center of attention of two women (which is absolutely delightful) there is something a little bit more. I think it has to do with transgressing the usual conventions of traditional marriage. The traditional power dynamic of typical relationships where spouses only have sex with each other, gets turned on its head a bit.

Now the times we have gotten to play with this have been amazing, Molly is good at sharing even if I suck at it. I will confess having her watch me turns me on. I want her to guide me into someone else and wow if she held another woman’s legs apart for me and whispered to her to just let me fuck her I think I would last about 30 seconds.

It is, at the end of the day, a variation on cuckqueaning but not the type where Molly gets off on the humiliation. She doesn’t want to be told that who I am fucking is better than her or that she is worthless. She does want to know how it feels for me and will happily masturbate herself to several orgasms while watching me do it. It is hot in a way that I am not sure I can ever find the words to describe. But I know that part of what makes it hot for me is that she is there. Even in the fantasies that we share about this kink she is always there, maybe tied to a chair and made to watch or in a cage but she is part and parcel of what is happening. In some way denying her the fucking gets us both off.

I do know that we have been extremely fortunate to live at least some of this out in real life and if we found just the right person to do it with we would gladly do it again. But finding that special partner is exceedingly rare and requires us to let someone else into a very intimate part of our lives. Will it happen again? I know we both hope so, but until it does we will play around with it as I fuck my cock into her and tell her about who I am fucking in my mind.

Would you like an application?


P.S. *The unease comes from not being able to be as good at sharing as she is.


6 responses to “Thou Shalt Not Covet”

  1. Filling out application. Would fucking A or hell yeah be proper?

    1. Rose Bliss Avatar
      Rose Bliss

      I’m lining up too…. Dark Horizans says he also doesn’t like to share, but he likes me to be happy and if that means fucking someone else (as long as he knows about it), he will give his permission.

  2. You did just fine. Thank you for writing about your point of view. I don’t know many people who could handle this type of sexual aspect in their relationship, married or not. It would take a great deal of trust and grounding in the couple relationship before adding another person, I would think.
    I’m not the person who would be applying, but I do appreciate you and Molly both, Michael.

    1. Thank you very much and obviously we all have different kinks. I will try very hard to not be sad that you are not applying 😉


  3. Basically, what you described as Molly’s version of cuck-queening is, in reverse, what cuckolding is like in my marriage. He’s not into humiliation (neither of us are), but finds it hot that I find pleasure with another man. Whether he’s there and watching, actively participating, or just hearing about it later.

    So I ‘get’ this.

    I rather like being a hotwife. But I don’t kink to my partner fucking other people the way he does with me. I understand compersion, intellectually anyway. I don’t know that I feel compersion, exactly. There’s a difference between “I don’t mind” and “I love it,” yes? He’s been with other women, both with and without me being present. But for me, the him-with-her part of things is ‘meh’. And it’s far secondary to the way he and I connect/bond/grow through those “sharing” experiences.

    1. That is the beauty of life, we all have the things that work for us and when we find someone who shares that, well, it is just amazing

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