Molly sucking me on a rainy Saturday

A Rainy Saturday

I am going to make her suck my cock today. On a rainy Saturday.

I enjoy making her do it, pushing her down on her knees, holding her hair in my hand while I unzip my jeans and force it into her mouth. She will squirm in protest but that just makes it hotter for me. I will use her for my pleasure because that is what she was made for. I might even let her touch her traitorous cunt while she does it. I know that when I make her do things she gets very wet.

She does very well too,  she is one of the best that I have ever had and if she is sucking me when she comes she really goes wild. I know that with just a bit more training she will be able to take my cock all the way into her throat while I come. Of course there is another way that is quite enjoyable as well. If I hurt her while I am in her sweet mouth. The moans she makes while I torture her flesh have a special power all of their own. I do have to remind her not to stop sucking while I do this. She can often get distracted by the slap of my hand against her bottom but a subtle reminder that if she stops using that wonderful tongue of her she will only get spanked harder usually is sufficient to remind her of her task .

Whatever way this plays out I know that we will both enjoy it greatly. She loves cock, she once said very early on when we were LDR that she wanted to worship my cock and tonight we will see if that is still the case.

And if she is a very good cocksucker I might even give her the special treat of coming on her tits. Whenever I do that she gets completely absorbed by rubbing in into her skin. It is extremely sexy.

All of this is just to let you know how I will be spending my rainy Saturday night.

Using my slut as she was meant to be used. For my pleasure.


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