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Who Let the Dogs Out

How do you feel about being watched? I am talking about public sex, but the consensual kind. Not fucking outside a school at pick up time.

I had never heard of dogging before I moved to the UK, maybe I had missed the US version but I don’t think so. I think that US laws are much more harsh when it comes to what we call Public Indecency than the laws in the UK. As far as I can tell you can have sex in public all you want so long as you are not trying to outrage the public. For those who might not know what dogging is, here is what Wiki has to say.

Dogging is a British English slang term for engaging in public sex, usually in a car park or country park, while others watch. Dogging has aspects of exhibitionism and voyeurism.

The origin of the word dogging is said to come from blokes out walking their dogs who come across a couple having sex. Now we have never been dogging, I am not that much of an exhibitionist and while Molly is, she is just not that into sex with complete strangers.

That discussion lead to a conversation about Glory Holes and again while we have had some exposure to these it is just too anonymous for Molly to feel comfortable with a strange cock bursting on to the scene to be turned on by the concept.

But then there is the swingers/naturist club we have attended a time or two. A fabulous place where we have had a variety of sex visible to many of the other people attending. I know that turns Molly on. She had been many times with a former partner to do actually swinging and I know she had a lot of fun. It was part of her sexual awakening and learning who she was as her own person. But I am not as confident in that regard as she is, so while we have had a lot of fun sex there it has been just between the two of us with the crowd as our (hopefully) appreciative audience.

There has also been public sexual play at a Fet club and I know Molly enjoyed that greatly. Two men standing over her talking about her while she lay on the floor masturbating, something that was a long time fantasy for her. And I have made her come on the spanking bench at this same club many times.

But for me, well, while I am happy to fuck her almost anytime and anywhere it doesn’t really add nearly the spice to it for me as it does for her. However I do know that I like how much it excites her and I do have plans to take advantage of that in the future.


P.S. Thanks to @masterseye for the post idea

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4 thoughts on “Who Let the Dogs Out

  1. It definitely adds spice for me, especially if people make comments, because a lot of times I tend to block out my surroundings completely. Comments (nice only please) cut through all that, and for me that is kinda hot.

  2. Dogging is something iIve been aware of for a while – I love reading about it and seeing pics and videos of other doing it. It’s part of my fantasies, but I don’t know that it’s something I’d ever do.

    (That’s a /really/ hot photo, incidentally!)

    xx Dee

  3. ‘Dogging’ is a new term for me, though the activity itself is familiar enough. I’m of two minds about the in-the-car variety that a bystander could happen upon. On the one hand, risk of discovery is something that turns me on. On the other hand, being watched/found by someone who didn’t give consent to be included… Well, non-consent is a violation of their right to not have to see that. Plus I live in the U.S. and it’s a criminal sex offense over here.

    I enjoy public sex when everybody is on board though. I draw a certain energy from being watched. I remain *engaged* only with my partner, but I feel others’ eyes focus on me and that ups the hotness factor.

    Similar but different: sex that can be overheard.

    I will not be quiet in hotel rooms, for example. I don’t up the volume either; I just proceed as normal, and I realize that other people can/will hear. I kind of like that, if only in a “demonstrating that good sex happens and is nothing to be ashamed of” kind of way. I like hearing others as well, whether it’s through walls or at a club. For the latter, I enjoy closing my eyes and listening to the sexual symphony – moans, cries, whispers, begging, flesh-on-flesh slapping, coaxes, demands – whether I’m physically participating in a sex act of my own or just enjoying the show.

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