Seated Male shadow for Induction


He sat calmly and patiently with only thoughts of the work to come. He had done this many times before, in the beginning he read the rules from a leather bound notebook that contained all that was to come, but after so many sessions he knew what had to happen by heart.

They would wake, and struggle for a bit, groggy from the drugs and then the shouting would begin. There was always shouting and crying and he would, as always, wait quietly and then when they were ready he would tell them the rules. Not all the rules at once, that had turned out to be too much information for them to absorb in one lesson. Refinements had been made over time and feeding the trainees what they needed to know a bit at a time had been found to work the best.

He could hear them starting to stir and prepared himself for the induction.

As he had known they would both women struggled and shouted and cried, he waited patiently before beginning.

“Good afternoon Abigail and Sarah. My name is Mr Mann. I shall be your trainer. You may call me Mr Mann or Sir.” He paused for a moment to let them both call out again for help. “Please be aware that no one can hear you and no one will be looking for you. As far as the school is aware you have both departed for an extended study abroad program. Your advisors will receive regular glowing updates. You were both chosen for your lack of immediate family as well as your many other attributes. Please believe me when I tell you that your best course of action is to follow all commands quickly and to the best of your ability, as failure to meet my exacting standards will result in harsh punishment.”

He waited again while both of the shackled women shouted themselves hoarse.

“Please pay attention to these rules as how you are treated will depend on how closely you adhere to these instructions.”

  1. You will follow any and all instructions given to you by anyone unless I tell you otherwise.
  2. You will call any man you encounter here Sir unless otherwise instructed.
  3. You will call any woman here Miss unless otherwise instructed.
  4. You are to remain naked unless I or another Sir or Miss give you something to wear
  5. You will use the safeword Coventry, this is only to be used in event of extreme physical discomfort. If decide you have used the safeword unnecessarily you will be punished.
  6. You are in competition with each other, I or your handler that I designate with be the sole judge of the outcome of any competition.
  7. This is not a complete list of rules, more will be added until the successful completion of your training or such time as you are  removed from the program.

“These  are the rules and they shall be strictly enforced. We shall now begin with your induction training. Upon successful completion of your first task you will be given food and water. The winner of the first task will also be given a blanket for the evening while the loser will remain uncovered ”

With those words he touched a button on a small touchscreen.

“You will find that your restraints have been loosened. Your first task is to masturbate to orgasm, you have ten minutes to complete your task or you will be punished and whichever of you reaches orgasm first will be the winner and have a nice warm blanket to wrap up in for tonight”



Is it too dark?


The Grey Man




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  1. Southern Belle Avatar
    Southern Belle

    I don’t think it is too dark, suspenseful yes…

  2. Not too dark, leaving me hanging for the next part is dark though!

  3. Not too dark, loving the suspense of it and looking forward to the next instalment

  4. Is there more to this story?

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