sticky toffee pudding

Sticky Pudding

I allow her a quick glimpse of the candles and food waiting for us, but quickly slip the fur lined blindfold over her eyes. She makes a tiny noise of displeasure. I know she is not a fan of the blindfold, she loves to see, to watch, “Shhh, don’t worry my love, I want you to concentrate on other things” I take my seat beside her and cut her food and slowly feed it to her, taking time to enjoy my food as well, But to be honest having her bound and helpless, dependent on me for everything is a bit distracting. Not to mention her appreciative noises as she tastes each morsel. I only stop feeding to give her a sip of wine or to use a napkin to clear up any small mess. Just before we both finish I send a text. She of course is unaware of this and I grin, finding great pleasure in her ignorance of what is to come.

Once the food is done she asks “Will you take the blindfold off Sir?” I laugh “No my love, it is almost time for pudding” as I clear and wipe the table. Once done I placed her favorite cosy blanket along with a small pillow on the table and untied her from the chair. I guide her onto the table and have her lay on her back with her knees up and legs spread and tied her in place.

Just then the doorbell rings. “Wait here my love, it seems our other guests have arrived for dinner, it wouldn’t do to keep them waiting” With that I leave her there, naked and vulnerable and go to greet our guests. “Right on time” I exclaimed as I opened the door, greeting him with a handshake and her with the kiss on the cheek that I have learned is expected in this country “Your are right on time for pudding, I have her laid out on the table for you.” I take their coats, escorting them to the dining room.

All she can hear is the mumble of voices from the corridor as she struggles against her bounds, who was here? “Oh, doesn’t she look delightful” were the first words she could make out clearly. Who was this woman saying these things she wondered? “May I have a taste?” the female voice continued.

“Why yes of course” I replied, “I suspect the little slut is wet already” The woman sits in the chair between your legs and dips her head down towards your pussy, but slowly, so slowly. She slides her tongue along the length of you and give a little hum of pleasure. Your hips press forward trying to get as much her mouth on you as possible. Lifting her mouth from you she calls her partner “Oh she is delicious, you must have a taste.” He moves over to her and bends down kissing her lips that are wet with your juices.  They kiss for a few moment tasting you and when the kiss stops she returns to licking you. “Oh she does taste wonderful” He exclaims. Once her mouth has returned to your cunt, you moan and call our for me. “Oh god it feels so good Sir, let me suck you!” “Oh no my darling, you are here for them to play with” I wave the man towards the end of the table where your head is. “Fuck her mouth, she wants a cock in it and I promise she will suck you very well”

He unzips his suit and your mouth gapes wide in anticipation. He guides the head of his cock onto your yearning tongue. You take a few licks to grow accustomed to the taste of a cock that does not belong to your husband then slide your head to get as much of him inside your mouth as possible. “What a greedy little cocksucker you are.” He growls, gasping as you swallow him whole.

I move closer to watch the woman between your legs sucking your clit and sliding her fingers in and out of you. “Curl your fingers up as you pull them out and you will have her coming in no time” I tell her and the sound of my voice makes you moan on the cock in your throat. If you make her orgasm she will suck the come right out of his cock” I continue.

I know that me telling them how to use you turns you on even more.


To be continued…


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