Stocking flash for dinner

Guess who’s coming to dinner



The door closes with its usual thud and I hear her call out “Hello, it’s me!” In that uniquely British, cheery voice that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

She has just returned from camera club and the tone of her voice tells me that it has been a good evening. She always dresses up on club nights, for two reasons I think. One, because she likes looking sexy and she always looks for a reason to do so. Two, because she likes to tweak the men, and women, by being just a little bit outrageous. Tonight is no exception, she is wearing one of her favorite dresses, a slightly velour textured fabric with colorful flowers that draws your eye to her lovely cleavage and if your eyes are drawn down the length of her body you would find that the dress stops just above her holdup stockings, short enough to draw the male gaze just in case she might bend over for you to catch a glimpse of her panties. I know better, I know that if she did find a reason to lean down what you would see is her naked ass and maybe a glimpse of her pussy. You might be very lucky and see the bruises I added to her sexy little bottom last night with the stainless steel rod.

Now on most camera club nights we follow the same routine, The kids come home from school and are annoying for a few hours doing homework until we put dinner on the table, followed by the fight to get them to spend a half an hour reading and another half an hour watching the news and then I get to wrangle them to get ready for bed while she heads out for the evening. But tonight, thank the gods, we are, as she puts it “kids free” So we have decided to have a late dinner after she returns. In honor of a rare night alone I have made Steak with Bearnaise sauce, Baked potato and Asparagus, I have also made other plans for our evening as well.

As she comes in and removes her Q-tip white winter hat and gloves I finish the last touches to dinner waiting on the table. I have gone all out, with the gas fire lit, candles around the living room and dining room.  I’ve also dress up for our night in (well dressed up for me) I have my Black 501 button fly jeans on with a black patterned long sleeve shirt. I meet her still in the hallway by the front door with a kiss and a smile and help her remove her coat. “A good night tonight?” “Yes” She replies as I take off her cardigan. “Tell me about it”.

As she talks about her evening I kneel down and lifting a leg with my hand around her calf take off her pink high heels shoes, one then the other. Her conversation trails off as she looks at me and says “What are you doing?” “Why I’m getting you ready for dinner my love” and start to roll one of the holdups down her leg. “Continue telling me about your night please” I say as I remove the other stocking. She tries to resume recounting the evenings events , but she stumbles over her words and I can tell she is distracted as I run my hands up her thighs to start lifting her dress and from where I am I can smell her, it is the scent of a woman, strong and sexy and just starting to get wet.

As I lift the dress over her head I interrupt her mumbled recitation “Raise your arms please” As she raises them over her head I stand and carefully guide the fabric over her collar. All that is left now is the bra, I turn her around and undo the clasps on the purple lace bra that shows her lovely breast to their best advantage. Putting every thing aside on the shoe bench I step back and admire her, nothing on but the thin red collar. “Just lovely, and almost dressed for dinner”. Her nose wrinkles in confusion as to what that might mean. I pick up the rope from the bench and put my hands on her shoulders and apply a little pressure “ Kneel my love” and I push her to her knees. I take the first piece of rope that I have pre-knotted and slip the loop over her bowed head. I have taken a length of rope and doubled it, tying 3 knots about 6 inches apart.

I like this view, her, kneeling at my feet, face just at my crotch and the smell of her, and the rope, rising, I especially like when yshe looks at the front of my pants and then looks up to see if I am watching her, the look in her eyes is a combination of knowing excitement and shyness at the knowledge that I am watching her. I tug on the rope to urge her up (since I know that if I let her linger there she will have my cock in her mouth sucking for all she is worth and I have bigger plans) and as she rises I spin her around so that I am standing behind her. Reaching my arms around her I pass the twin ends of the rope between her thighs and up between those lovely cheeks bringing the ends up to the loop at her neck, under the loop and then each end of the rope around under her arms to the first knot. Moving the rope around again to her back and returning each pass to the next knot inline until finally pulling it all tight and tying it off in the small of her back. I know that the coarse fibers pull tight across the lips of her cunt and that is just the way I want it.

She stands quietly while I dress her in a harness of rope, well, quiet except when I pull the whole harness tight around her. The tiny little whimper that escapes would be hardly worth mentioning except for the effect it has on my cock.

“Now you are dressed for dinner, my love”

I grab the harness from behind and pull it just a little bit tighter, she stumbles slightly as I guide her into the kitchen and on into the dining room. The table is set with all the food served and waiting, our chairs side by side. We always sit next to each other never across, even when we go out, no matter how much that confuses the wait staff. I guide her to her seat, she notices that the bare wooden chair has yet more rope hanging on the back.

“Have a seat my love”

I pull the shorter lengths of rope from the back of the chair and kneel down to tie her ankles to the legs and then gather her wrists in my hand and tie them together as well. “But Sir? How will I eat?” I chuckle as I reply “I will be taking care of that for you”

To be continued























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  1. Rose Bliss Avatar
    Rose Bliss

    Oh fuck!!!

  2. That was wonderfully sexy!

  3. Silver Eagle Avatar
    Silver Eagle

    Why do you do this to me while I’m at work? My penance, I suppose for reading your site while I’m here!

  4. jim sedrut Avatar
    jim sedrut

    Lovely and sexy……………

  5. More, more….

    Please, pretty please

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