Wet pussy for winner and loser

Winner and Loser

Abigail woke with a start wondering if she was still dreaming. Why couldn’t she move? Why was she cold and naked? The last thing she remembered was walking to school and that was it. She tried moving her arms and legs again to no avail, turning her head she could see that her wrists were in leather cuffs attached to the padded bench she was lying on.

“Hello” she called out “Is anyone there, where am I? What is going on?”

She thought she could hear another woman’s voice calling out so she shouted louder

“Hello… help me please! What is happening?”

She heard the other woman’s voice again and she strained to listen but couldn’t make out what was being said.

“oh god, someone please tell me what is going on!”

With that Abigail started to cry and struggle against her bonds, but they still wouldn’t yield. It wasn’t until she had cried herself hoarse that she heard something other than the distant sounds of someone else doing the same. It was a mans voice. Saying terrible things about how they had been taken and that no one would know and that they were to be trained! Trained for what? Abigail wondered and then she heard the rules.

Now Abigail wasn’t scared anymore, she was angry. When Mr Mann got to the end of his speech she heard a click and when she moved her arms she found that her wrists were free. Pushing herself upright she got a good look around. She seemed to be in some sort of tower that had been divided in two with a transparent hall. In the corridor she could see someone who she supposed was Mr Mann and beyond him another nude woman sitting up and looking around just as she was. She tried to swing her legs over the side of the padded bench she was on only to find that they were still attached.

“What the fuck? Do you really think I am going to do what you tell me to, you sick twisted twat?” she shouted “Let me out of here”

“Oh my dear Abigail, I know you will fight it at first, but soon you will learn. Why look at Sarah she has already begun working on her first task and is, I think, well on her way to getting a lovely warm blanket”

As he spoke he push a button on a control pad and a monitor lit up showing Sarah with her fingers already between her legs. As Abigail watched the view changed to a close up of fingers sliding over a wet pussy and rubbing an already hard clit.

“Why I am not sure that even if you started now you could possibly catch up, but you at least might want to try, even if you don’t get the blanket I am sure you will want to avoid your punishment for failing to complete your task at all”

All the while he was speaking the view on the monitor in front of her kept changing, showing Sarah’s face, her erect nipples, and her hands moving ever faster between her thighs making it obvious that there were many cameras watching from every possible angle.

“Sarah!” Abigail shouted “Stop, don’t do what they want, if we stick together and refuse them we can win, don’t give in!”

“That is where you are wrong young lady” commented Mr Mann “We have done this many times before and we always get our way. Sarah is smart enough to know how to be a winner, sadly that means that you may have to learn the hard way”

She could hear Sarah’s moans clearly now, obviously Mr Mann had turned the audio up to accompany the video and in spite of herself Abigail couldn’t stop watching, mesmerized by Sarah’s body, she had never seen anyone touch themselves before except in porn and this was live right in front of her.

Suddenly Sarah arched her back and that camera switch to a closeup of her pussy as Sarah rubbed her clit frantically with one hand and spread herself wide with the other as her orgasm swept over her. Abigail to see Sarah’s cunt pulse and hear her moans as if they were right in her ear.

“Good girl Sarah” Mr Mann picked up a blanket from the floor and stepped through to the side of the room where the flushed and panting girl lay exhausted. He spread the blanket over her shuddering form and rolled a small table with a cup of water to the side of the bench. “Very well done indeed my little winner”

Once Sarah had received her prize he turned and stepped back into the central corridor and latched the door

“Now Abigail, it is time to attend to you”


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