Snake in the Grass


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Welcome to the next stop on the This D/s Life Toy Tour

Today’s featured toy is:

The Cane Snake

This wonderful thuddy implement was made by Carneval who has sadly stopped making toys. We have a number of his items that you will get to meet as we take this journey together.

The Cane Snake is made of a length of armored 3 conductor electrical cable with heatshrink over the ends of the cable and then a lovely woven paracord cover

The Inside

AMored cable for Cane Snake

This means that the Cane Snake is stiff, but still bendable, so it has some give on impact and I will often flip it over so that the bend that occurs as I used it slowly reverses. I do need to be careful what part of the body I apply this to as hitting a thinly fleshed area can cause severe pain. I tend to target the buttock and upper thighs, but breasts can also enjoy some carefully aimed blows.


Bent Cane Snake Image

Molly’s last encounter was last Sunday night on the sofa. She was in a bit of a mood and I decided that a touch of attitude adjustment was in order and I ran quick like a Domly bunny upstairs and grabbed it out of the kit bag.

When I returned downstairs I pulled her from her chair (while she protested all the way that she was in a much better mood now) I put her face down on the sofa (with thoughtfully supplied cushions for her head) and began working on her bottom. Molly always claims that she can go longer if I start out gentle and slowly build intensity, but she tends to get a bit confused about the passage of time while we play and often thinks we have only played for fifteen minutes when in fact it has been an hour and a half. I personally find that if I start off a bit hard and then back off for the slow build mixed with occasional brief times of heavier impact that not only can she take more but it is much easier to get her into the joyous subspace she so desires. Mixing things up keeps her from drifting completely off to the point where it gets hard for me to judge when she has had enough and most importantly the extra impact allow me to leave the marks that she lives for.

The Cane Snake can deliver those marks but only with extended use as it tends to leave the deep bruises that only show up after time, but you can tell how well you have done by feeling for the lump you have have raised in her bottom.

After about an hour I finished things off by having her lay against a beanbag on the floor and telling her masturbate to orgasm watching herself on the large TV screen with the image provided by our new HD camera.

I think I may have improved her mood… as well as mine.



6 responses to “Snake in the Grass”

  1. What a way to improve moods 😉
    I remember looking at the Cane Snake and wondering how it would feel…

    Rebel xox

    (Sorry for all my comments, but I am catching up on some reading.)

  2. Oh I’m liking the sound of that toy! Shame that your supplier does not make them any more ?

    1. Almost all the toys we have purchased from this fellow have been big hits (pun intended) and we do wish he was still making things 🙂

  3. Hope Always Avatar
    Hope Always

    I don’t think I have had the pleasure of one of these as yet, so will save any further comment for another time 🙂

  4. That’s a great shot at the top. Looks like a wicked toy, actually not really a toy. From what I’ve observed, I’ll bet Molly can get in a ‘bit of a mood’ at times. Glad you got your moods satisfied.

    p.s. what the hell is a ‘Domly bunny’?

    1. That would be me, moving quick like a bunny, but in a Domly fashion, because one must always be Domly in all things 😉

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