Pushing a Hay Bay for Make her More

Make Her More

This is what I am supposed to do as her Dom, hell it is what I am supposed to do as her husband.

Many people assume that because we lead a 24×7 D/s life that Molly must be this oppressed, weak, subservient woman. That because I have the final word and that she must show me respect that she is somehow less than I am. These people have obviously never met Molly.

Like all people Molly is complicated, she has her strengths and weaknesses, her doubts and personal demons. Like her body confidence, her age, her writing skills, her photography skills, what she is going to be when she grows up.

And also like the rest of us (me included) she is still learning how to be confident, and that is something that is hard to do on your own. Lucky for her she’s got me (Well I think she is lucky YMMV) to help guide her and offer her counsel and often in the end just put my foot down and tell her “Just do it!”

Mostly my role is to tell her what she already knows, not to make her be the things that she want to be, but to help her remember that she IS all those things. We are a team and to be perfectly honest she is better than I am at many things, as I often say “She is the talent, I am merely talent adjacent”. That isn’t to say that I don’t bring a certain skill set to our relationship, I do, after all she can’t flog herself.

The point that I am trying to make here (badly, it seems to me) is that my role as her Dom is to make her be the best that she can be in everything she does. To push her to take risks, to show her not only what she is now, but what I know she can be.

To contradict the title. I don’t make her more. I show her that she is more, and that is what I love about being her Dom.


P.S. I am so very proud of her each and every day. I am a better man for having her in my life and I hope that she feels that she is better for having me in hers.

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