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I am a voracious reader (not as voracious as some of my twitter followers) but I have read well over 20 books so far this year. Some of them have been great and some of them have been awful, poorly written crap.

This book falls very firmly into the not crap category.

I count myself lucky to know Girl on the Net and the fact that I get name checked in the pre-release copy we got has no bearing on what I have to say about the book (but I will say it is kind of cool). We often disagree her and I, but really I think more on our approach to topics than on the topics themselves. But I always respect what she has to say even when I think she is most definitely wrong.

When the book arrived I dove right in and proceeded to burn my way through is and when I was done the words below were what I wrote.

I just finished reading GotN’s “a bad girl who fell in love” it is a glorious, fucked up, neurotic, in a very British way, exploration of what it means to be her, and she is just that, confidently her, even when that means she has no clue how this life, love and happiness thing is going to work out (and she seems very sure she will screw it up somehow). I won’t spoil the end but I will tell you that you will enjoy the journey she takes you on to get there.

I can absolutely say that this is a book that will tell you everything you wanted to know about what it means to be GotN. Even if you don’t know who she actually is… or maybe you do, and you just don’t know it.

Now I think this is an excellent blurb and I gift it to her free of charge. It is a far better reflection of what you are going to get than the ridiculous blurb on Amazon (I’m sure that blurb makes her cringe) I will include it here for posterity (in case they decide that mine is far better)

From the Uk’s smartest and most controversial sex blogger comes a unique story of ordinary love and incredible sex – and what happened when they came together. This is Girl on the Net’s true story – of falling in love and falling apart. From the honeymoon days of sex whenever and wherever, to the everyday issues that comes with a solid relationship. This is more than a memoir, this is a must-read for all of us who have ever wondered…can great sex and real love ever go hand in hand?

That blurb  ticks me off “a unique story of ordinary love and incredible sex” What the actual fuck? When is love ordinary? When has love, even ordinary love (grrr) fucked up incredible sex? As a man who has been very lucky in love (and incredible sex) I can tell you that one does, most assuredly, not preclude the other.

*Takes a deep breath*

Don’t let that horrible, PR written bit of nonsense put you off. Listen to me and the many other people who I am sure will rave about this book. I will tell you to actually reach into your pocket and part with hard earned cash and get your very own copy. I know I plan to get mine signed at the earliest opportunity.

 Here is the Amazon US Link

A bad girl fell in love

Here is the Amazon UK Link

A bad girl fell in love

I get absolutely nothing from you buying this book except to share in the joy of well told story (and maybe if I am really lucky I can give her a good flogging) and support someone who has done good for sex and education in the world.

On a final note I will say that certain passages have gotten me riled up to do things to Molly so I’ve got that goin’ for me, which is nice.


P.S. GotN, you are a very kinky girl and I am proud to know you!

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  1. Thank you… I just pre-ordered my copy. Looking forward to reading it. I am addicted to your and Molly’s blogs!!

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