Me fingering Molly, legs spread

My Favorite View, Her Spread

She loves this picture, it presses all her buttons. Her exhibitionism, her voyeurism and her absolute love of being fingered.

I have to say that I have never seen myself from this point of view. But I do love what I see from here. Her legs spread open before me, her cunt open too, ready for me (she is always ready to be fair) as I spread her lips with my left hand and slide two fingers of my right hand slowly inside her. Once I have completed a few strokes of my fingers and spread her wetness to her outer lips my left hand is no longer needed. Now if her camera wasn’t in her hand (a rare occurrence, but it does happen) her right hand would already be on her clit and rubbing the hood of her clit with the special and specific fingernail. Fingering Molly to orgasm is a team effort and I don’t have a problem with that at all. We all have that thing that does it for us and Molly is no exception

As you might notice from the image I spend a fair amount time looking at her cunt. It is hard not to as she gets closer to orgasm, but I do like looking at her face as well. In fact at the moment of orgasm you will find my eyes locked with hers. I love the way her eyes widen as she gets closer and closer to the edge until she finally tips over. When she comes her pussy grips my fingers and tries to suck them inside deeper and deeper.

I do adore making her come this way, deferring my pleasure until I chose to have it and in fact just watching her come is a favorite pastime of mine. As I write this she has been tasked with finding something sexy to watch while she makes herself come and I watch, chances are that I will feel inspired to join in.

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday night.



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