Molly in the wood for the Huntsman

The Huntsman

Molly and I share a fantasy, I think we might have slightly different versions of how this vision plays out but I think that it ends with us each getting what we want.

It is a warm, moonlit summers night. We are deep in the woods, alone, save for the wildlife. The rules are simple. She gets a five minute head start. Just that long to run and hide until I start off in pursuit.

Now she believes that she will be able to escape, that with time and terrain she can hide herself away so that I can’t find her. She is, of course, mistaken. I am very good in the woods, I have had a lifetime of camping and exploring and hiking in the deep woods to back me up on this. I don’t think she has camped even once.

So I will give her her head start and I will track her down.  I will hunt her, god even saying it makes we want to chase her around the house right now. But I will wait until we have the chance to set this up. Until we can do this right

But I will catch her. Tear her clothes off and fuck her in the dirt, take her in the way she so desperately wants. Once we are done I may even put a rope on her and lead her home naked, filthy with my cum running down her leg. A Huntsman returning with his captured prey.

Since this is England I will not have her tied to the hood of my pickup truck, in fact really I could go full English and set it all up as a fox hunt (she already has the tail) complete with baying hounds.

Nah. I like my version better, and I know she will too.

To the hunt!


9 thoughts on “The Huntsman

  1. It is an absolute fun, steamy, edgey, riveting game with ENDLESS possibilities for the Hunter(s). You’ve probably thought of this already Michael, but in case and if I may…

    In one of my versions of the Hunter(s) vs. the Hunted, I already had 8 different “scene” stations setup prior to her being let loose inside the outdoor sports complex/playground earlier in the night after park-closing. When she’s caught, she is taken immediately to the nearest station, or the one you prefer at the moment, and do/have all the diabolical fun one can possibly satisfy. Repeat as necessary. (evil grin)

    This game ALWAYS receives rave reviews afterwards for days to come… even for a lifetime. Let your Freak Flags fly! (lifts arms in air and laughs maniacally to the Moon!)

      1. That is true indeed Michael — diversity and new ideas, new techniques, etc, are good ways of continued invigoration creating an ever thriving relationship(s), D/s included! This is why I was happy I discovered your’s and Molly’s blog here. There’s always something new to learn no matter the years. Thank you Sir. (humbly nods)

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