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Routine Maintenance

Every once in a while I decided that it has been to long, and that Molly needed some routine maintenance. Now I don’t mean a tuneup or a lube job (even if she is a lube fan) and her tires (tyres for the Brits) rotated.

What I mean is that on a semi regular basis I need to put her over my knee for no specific reason. If I don’t, and it has been a little while since we have played she can get very grumpy. Little things set her off, or (and I really hate this) she gets sad and pessimistic. Now Molly is a bit of a pessimist by nature, she does not share my sunny outlook on life, but when it has been too long between spankings this trait tends to get amplified.

Today (as some of you may have noticed was one of those days) so after she came home from the gym and had some coffee and food, we went upstairs for our shower. Afterwards once she had dried her hair (Never before she has dried her hair) I grabbed her by her robe and while she protested I placed her, knees down on the floor and chest on the bed and proceed to give her a damn good spanking. She, as is her wont, protested.

“I don’t like it”


“Why does it have to hurt so much?”

She knows that isn’t going to get me to stop but she seems unable to accept that is the case and so carries on each time. I always tell her that she certainly can manage it and that she will feel much better when we are done.

I, of course, liked it as well and Molly needed to remain on her knees to get a closer look of just how much I enjoyed it and I deposited the visual proof of that all over her beautiful breasts. She does love that so very much (she is showing me right now) and I love to indulge her.

So today Molly got some much needed maintenance and I hope that makes her just a little bit happier.

And maybe there was a lube job after all.


4 thoughts on “Routine Maintenance

  1. It’s funny how effective a spanking is for mood changes. I find I become very anxious when I go too long and it’s currently been months. At least you recognize the need and can come to her aid. The lube job was an added benefit I’m sure. Lol

  2. Such a reflection of how I (a sub) get as well. Maybe not maintenance as much as an attitude adjustment; needing to be reminded of who i am; who he is.

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