It’s Not Just River in Egypt

It was another beautiful day on the Uberdom estate as he stirred in his bed. Climbing out from the ten thousand thread count sheets, the subbies clinging to him moaned in disappointment as he wriggled from their grasp.

“But it was my turn today Sire” sub number 42 grumbled as his permanently erect cock slipped from her lips.

“Disappointment is a subs lot”

he said aloud and his quote subbie tweeted that bon mot to the eagerly waiting world.

He stood by the bed as his dressing subs pulled on his skin tight leather shorts and vest. He paused for a moment to admire his amazing physique, so superior in every way. So much so that all other men, even those that considered themselves Alphas acknowledged their beta status at a single glance.

Satisfied that he was still the golden god he had always imagined he strode through the hallways of his stately manor that had been given to him by some repressed billionaire who had lost his parents at a young age until a chance encounter with Uberdom had cured him of his flying rat fetish and restored this broken young man back into the good graces of society. As he approached any door it was quickly and obediently opened for him by the eager door subs who groaned appreciatively at the chance to serve such an exalted personage.

Upon reaching the breakfast nook he took a seat on his chair sub, while perusing the breakfast laid out on his table sub.

“Some strawberries and granola” he said to his feeding sub, “and the Telegraph I think”

“Yes Sire” responded the reading sub and she started to read Uberdom the paper as he ate his morning repast.

“The Tories are doing such a fine job of repression and censorship, I was worried that the leak of the Official BDSM training manual that was cleverly labeled as fiction by calling it Fifty Shade of Grey would normalize kinky sex and then how would I still be special?”

He remarked to all the subbies in earshot who nodded in enthusiastic agreement.

“But with their new push to ban all kinky spanking sites and killing off mandatory sex education, why my pool of uninformed subbies should be full for decades to come.”

Uberdom fell silent as he considered his coming prospects, the future, as far as he was concerned, had never looked rosier.

“Please inform the announcement sub that I have decided that today’s task for all subbies will be in honour of all the fine things that the Tories are doing for our excellent nation”

With those words a murmur of excitement swept across the subbies in earshot and was quickly passed across the vast Uberdom holdings. Everyone knew that Conservatives got to do all of the kinkiest things since repression was what they were best at. All of the subbies held their breath awaiting the kinky activity for the day, some hoping for Floggings, some for Gimp play and some even dreamt of a day of pegging.

“Today’s kinky play shall be… Denial”

You could have heard a pin drop across all of Uberdom land, but if you listened very very closely you could almost hear the tiny tears of all the twue subs as they learned that once again the Tories had ruined their day.


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