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I’d Love to Change the World

I was recently “Interviewed” about what it is like when your partner is a sex blogger (I am paraphrasing) and since I try to be a good representative and proud supporter of the sex blogging community I said yes. I don’t know when or if this article will ever be published but as always it made me think about things. I should probable think less, but I honestly don’t know if I can manage that.

My life changed in very many ways when I met Molly, I did not consider myself a Dom, but toppy. My public life was very vanilla (even though I still was violently anti-suit) and I certainly didn’t write publicly about my sex life, or for that matter have my sex life written about. There were no naked pictures of me (that might have been for the best) anywhere. I was frankly like most of the world. But as I said meeting Molly changed all that for me. In our long online discussions I learned many things about myself and my sexuality and I think I am a better person for it.

Now I live across the ocean in a very strange and English world and I have a very visible  sex life with a gorgeous woman and her camera (I am pretty sure the camera is the real Dom in this relationship) and wonder of wonders now I am writing (poorly) a blog.

As I have said many times before, and will continue to say. Molly is the talent. She is a brilliant writer, an astonishing Photographer, an amazing speaker. I count myself lucky to be her partner on this journey. So it is like to be husband and Dom to such a prolific and talented blogger?

In a word, wonderful. In longer and more complete sentences it is really fucking wonderful, but certainly not without its challenges. Our lives are fairly public, and this is intentional. It is important to us to try and show the wider world what a loving and happy D/s life looks like and we don’t take that lightly. It does mean that we share things that most people would keep very private including the tough times. That can be very hard, but what we have always tried to do is to show the truth of us and that doesn’t mean just the good times. But everything warts and all.

I am proud of what we do and I don’t shy away from talking about that. We were out last year at a Pub with friends (some of them that we are seeing tonight) and I had stepped outside for a smoke when a young and inebriated lady asked me if I had a light. I light her smoke and we chatted for a bit. Once she heard my accent she asked where I was from and what I was doing in London. I explained that I had met Molly online and moved to the UK to be with her. She was fascinated and wanted to know what we did. I told her that Molly and most of the friends we were with were also sex bloggers.  Up until that moment she had been very chatty and even flirty (never bad for and old guy’s ego) but once I said that her demeanor changed.  She nodded politely until she was done with her cigarette and quickly went back inside. To be honest I was not surprised, being open and honest about these kind of things tends to scare people. We are often seen as freaks and weirdos and dangerous. That doesn’t stop me from being open anyway. Perhaps on reflection that young lady might think and talk about out encounter and find the realization that what we represent is not corruption or evil but a valid personal choice and that if we convince enough people to that notion we might just in some small way change the world.

We will be in London town tonight to meet a group of people (many of whom are also a sex blogger) whom I am equally proud to know and each of them in their own small way are trying to change the world for the better. We don’t always agree and I am sure that some of them think I am completely wrong on any number of topics. But they are all working towards the same goal and I hope that they don’t mind too much that I get to be more public than they can be and forgive our differences in pursuit of what I think is out common goal If not, well I am sure they will tell me so.

I may have wander a little bit from the intent of the post, but not by much. What is it like to have a partner who is a well known sex blogger?

It is, exciting and challenging and sexy, and fun, and tough, and exposing. But most of all. It is life changing.


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