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Scratching the Surface

Let me tell you a secret. If you want to earn a special place in my affection you need to know how to do one thing really well. No, it isn’t blow jobs or any other sexual act (although when done well I will make a lot of the same noises) it is something simple that is very overlooked.

Every time you do it, it makes me shiver and moan and I feel like I am the center of your attention, and I love that. Something that you are doing just because it gives me no pleasure and I can honestly say that no woman has ever done it as well as you have.

Sadly many women don’t pay enough attention and really don’t put any thought or effort into doing it right and it is very important to do it right, a halfhearted effort is frankly worse than not doing it at all. It leaves you unsatisfied and in a far worse state, like when you feel like you have to sneeze and you feel it building and building and then for no reason at all it fades away. Gah, completely frustrating where as if you had just sneezed that odd pre-sneeze feeling (Molly says her nose feels fizzy) would have gone away, but now you are stuck with it buzzing in your head.

Molly never leaves me feeling this way, she knows just how to do it for me and never ever misses a single spot.

She really is the absolute very best


At scratching my back.

And I can’t tell you how much that makes me happy. She also loves receiving as much as giving and I work hard to make sure that once I start, I get every inch of her the attention it deserves, because as we all know once you get an itch and it gets scratched it tends to wander and move and that just wont do at all.

So, my love if you’ll scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.




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