Me cutting the grass in blue jeans

I’m not Sitting on the Fence

We have had better than expected weather this week, why it might even be considered Summer. Now I am very sure that the weather will turn and you will see Molly on twitter complaining about the rain and the grey and the cold. But for now, as the saying goes, make hay while the sun shines.

Sadly that doesn’t mean we get to have kinky play outside. The UK had a very windy and wet Winter and a large section of the fence between us and our nice neighbors (the evil neighbor is on the other side) was blown down, the rain then continued unabated for months so nothing really could be done.

Now a few Winters back the same thing happened to the back section of fence, and that was a much bigger section. I ordered fencing and post and all the pieces I needed to fix it all up. Then I spent a week of back breaking labor putting it all up, digging up giant chucks of concrete when I had too and driving posts back in where I could chisel the old wood out. I was just wrecked when it was all done, kinda like I am now. I enjoy physical labor, I really do, I would build a fence everyday over going to the gym to burn calories but never actually make anything.

I know, I know, why are you going on about this nonsense? Where has all the kinky sexy stuff gone? Well, it will be back I promise, but for now I need to tell you the rest of the fence story. After the previous fence repair and all of my aches and moans, when Molly would ask me.

“Do you love me?”

My answer was “Fence”


“Yes, I love you enough to fix the fucking fence”

And so, for quite some time that was the only answer she would get to her question.

I think it might be time to drag it out again.

So  my love, my soul, my every single beat of me heart.


And I cut the grass.


P.S. Molly worked very hard to day too and did some amazing work on the garden, so I am sure she will point to that as proof of her love.

P.P.S. Kinky stuff will be back soon, I have a notion brewing already 😉

P.P.P.S By Molly… He really did do an amazing job. It is back breaking work and there is no shade in that part of the garden so he looks a little rosy tonight. His arms and hands are also covered in cuts and bruises. Because he feels no pain he turns to hurt himself more than the average person. As for my love, how about we take that bath now…

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