A new life part two, take the money

A New Life: Part Two

Continued from A New Life: Part One

“You should know that she has transferred all of her trust fund money to me as a measure of her new status and it was a very substantial sum of money at that. I shall enjoy spending every last penny and looking forward to the additional income she makes as my newest whore”

With those words my brother stepped to the bed and placed his hand between your legs caressing your pussy. Your obviously wet pussy by the sounds it was making. You moan and squirm on the bed as he thrusts his fingers deep inside you. All around the bed the mutters of the other men in the room became audible. Each utterance of “Whore” “Slut” and “Cunt” seeming to spurn you on. Your legs bending so that your knees are raised and your cunt both more visible to the men waiting and more accessible to the fingers pushing deeply inside you. “All of these men have paid very well to be among the first to taste her wares”
With those words my brother pulled his hand from between your thighs, unzipped himself and pushed himself deep inside causing you to cry out in pleasure.

“Will you take the slut’s mouth?” He asked waving his hand towards your face “This end is otherwise occupied”

Moving to the head of the bed I can see your eyes following me, your mouth gasping with every thrust of the cock that is fucking you.

“Go on” You whisper “Take my mouth, help me become what I really am”

I can take no more and I unzip and thrust my cock into her willing mouth. Driving deep into her fucking her just as she is being fucked by my brother. I can see that your orgasm is not far now. Surrendering to the depravity that you have always craved you move your hips and head in time with our thrusts cramming every last inch of cock into your holes. Your hands pulling at your nipples pushing yourself over the edge into orgasm. As you come, your moans on my cock make me come and I can tell that your pussy is being filled as well.

Wordlessly we zip back up and turning away from you, lying there with come dripping from your mouth and cunt and head for the door. My brother turns his head back just as I am about to exit saying “She is all yours gentlemen, do with her what you will, but please leave something for the next group, she is after all a valuable piece of property” and he lets me out.

That night at the bar in the five star hotel I have checked into I wait patiently while nursing my drink.
The bartender knows to leave me alone. I tip well and have been doing so for quite a few years now. I hear the stool next to scrape across the floor as it is pulled back and a hand claps me on the shoulder.

“Wow” a voice says “I don’t know where you find these girls, but she was the sluttiest and richest one yet”

I turn and look at the man seated next to me and slide a large envelope full of cash across the bar.

“That is my talent. I know what they want and I find a way to make them think it is all their idea. This one wanted brothers so that was the role you got, the arrogant dominant brother while I played the boring husband.”

I stand up and leave a few bills on the bar.

“I’ve got our next target lined up already. Not quite as rich as this one, but she will certainly pay the bills for a good long time. I’ll be in touch when I know what scenario this one wants”
“Cool man, hey when can I be more than the hired help? I’ve got some great ideas and even some potential targets.” He said grinning.
I turned and stared at him flatly

“Never. If I even think you are trying something like this on your own I will deal with you and you might find yourself the star of one of these little events. Remember you were just an out of work actor until I found you and trained you for this. I’m the brains and the boss, your are the face and that is the way it is going to stay”
“No, no man, it’s cool. I’ve got it, you are the man and I am grateful to have a gig. I’m going to take off and chill until I hear from you” and with that he scampers to the door fully aware of just how replaceable he is and just how precarious his position in my world can be.

I walk to the elevator to go to my room noticing how all the beautiful women stare at me as I pass dismissing me as not handsome enough, but I know, just by looking what each ones secret desires are and how I can turn them to my own ends.

That is my gift, and my curse, but you use what talents you have, or live forever unsatisfied.



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