Wax covered Molly for transcendence

Transcendence Siberian Orchestra

When I asked recently for topics to write on for This D/s Life one of the suggestions was “transcendence”. Now I am sure my answer will fall far short of the mark but I am going to give it a shot none the less. As my definition of transcendence I am going to use

going beyond the limits of ordinary experience

Now that my not be what was intended, but it is what has sparked thoughts for me. I will freely admit that even the simple definition above is open to a lot of interpretation. Looking at this in the context of D/s and sex surely this must be a very personal definition for each of us. After all my limits and your limits are certainly very different as is what is beyond them. I know that even between Molly and I there are differences in limits. “ordinary experience” is fraught (I am so pleased to be able to use that word) because our ordinary experience are extra ordinary to many.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t try to transcend. The nature of our D/s is one of ever expanding exploration, even if that exploration is uncomfortable at times, but we are always looking for that, well, more. That is always our goal to find new heights and joys. To reach them together and find that place whether it is sexual, or emotional where we become more that two people, where the connection between us becomes a feedback loop. For me it is that look in her eyes at the moment of orgasm, or subspace. It is hard to describe it except maybe as a stripping away of the veneer of humanity and exposing for just a moment something wilder, more primal. When that moment happens it is enthralling and it takes me along with her.

I think that might be when we transcend what we are as individuals. That shared moment when we are both in that  headspace (does that sound too woo woo? I hate sounding woo woo) and become something more.

Michael (not something Moore)


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