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Timing is Everything

One of the odd things about being married to a sex blogger is how many time your sexual encounters are blog post material, I get it now that I am writing much more. It is easy fodder and to be fair since this is about our daily lives, completely appropriate.

Where it gets really odd is those rare occasions where we do things just for the blog post. It is so rare in fact I can’t think of a time before today where we really did that. I am not counting sex toy reviews, because there is seldom a need for both of us to do that.

But today was something that A) Molly wanted to write about and 2) Really did require my participation and III) I am not going to spoil Molly’s post, so don’t even bother asking what it was.

This was some of the conversation we had leading up to this.


Her: I want to write this thing about this thing but I need you to fuck me with the thing
Me: So basically fuck you for the blog?
Her: Yes!
Me: This is not seduction
Her: Fuck me big boy?
Me: Nope, even worse
Her: OK I got nothing

So we went downstairs and attempted to use the thing which involved some naked on the sofa. What happened next you might ask? Well what happened next was her phone ringing with the Step Daughter who wanted a ride home from school which was met with a stern.
“Not right now, start walking”

Molly then returned to the task at hand and things proceeded right up to the point where actual sex things were about to happen.

Then the front door opened and the lumbering giant that is the Step Son started wheeling his bicycle in. This sent us both scrambling for clothes because while we are comfortable with being naked around them, this is a little different.

And there was the thing mentioned in the dialogue above. The thing ended up in my underwear while I quickly put my clothes back on. And stayed in there because the teen boy. Would. Not. Leave.

We did indeed laugh (probably like you are doing now) and there is a little more to the story that may, or may not be revealed if we actually manage to do the sexing with the thing so that Molly can write her post.

Isn’t life wonderful?


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