Our BDSM Play Bench

Bench Warmer

This last weekend was kids free for us and while we didn’t trek out in the world I wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass by without indulging in some of the delights that can only be practiced when we have time without their presence. So I broke out the big guns. Our bondage bench.

We have had this lovely bit of kit for a few years now and we don’t get it out as much as we should (note to self; fix that) but we always enjoy it when we do.

This weekend I put the leather cuffs on Molly’s wrists and used carabiners to hook her arms to the attachment points on either side of the head rest. Suitably restrained I used the dressage whip and Cat O Nine Tails on her lovely breasts. Breast impact play is something new to us so I took it slow but I do know that she struggles with not safewording but she held out far longer than I expected she would. I was very very pleased.

But then we moved on to the main course. I unclipped her arms (her arms were aching and I knew that would interfere with her being able to orgasm) and hooked the cuffs so that her wrists were bound together. I placed a chair between her legs and lubed up our Adam silicone dildo and pushed it deep inside her. Molly likes this position. She likes the idea of being exposed and inspected and I really love the view. The only thing missing was one final piece to the puzzle, the Doxy. With the Doxy pressed firmly to her clit and the Adam hitting all the right spots it wasn’t terribly long before her eye widened in that special way that they only do when she was about to come and she said the words I always love to hear.

“Tell me please Sir”

“Come you little bitch, come for me”

and she did, a great, heaving whole body orgasm that leaves her both shattered and desperate to be fucked.

I used her mouth and cunt until I came as well and before I pulled myself from her very wet cunt she asked.

“Please Sir, can we fuck on the bench again so that I can come with your cock inside me?”

I smiled and nodded.

This morning I got up early to disassemble the bench to put it back in storage, but not for long. When the kids are away for two whole weeks. I wonder what evil delights I can dream up for that extended bit of play time. If you have any notions please be sure to leave them in the comments.



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