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Hot Fun in the Summertime

Hello dear reader,

I am taking a more informal (and less preachy) tone today. Being a bit more conversational.  How was your day today? Mine was a mixed bag. There was UK government news that was horrifying and censorship news that irritated me.

But there were a couple of comments that warmed my heart and also post shower midday sex. So how about if I talk about that? That was what Twitter wanted and you know me, I always follow instructions, or not.

Once nice comment was on Twitter

Has anyone heard from @justxonexgirl lately…? Was just thinking about her this morning. If it wasn’t for her (and @Mollysdailykiss & @DomSigns) to show the care & love behind D/s, I wouldn’t be where I’m now. Eternally grateful.

That made me smile and helped with my Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

Then I read a great comment on my post People are Stupid that ended with

I enjoy your writing. Keep up the good work.

Well that was just a wonderful thing to say and perked me up even more.

Now for part three. Molly woke up a bit sore this morning (from exercising you dirty perves) and didn’t want to go to the gym, so I thought I would give her a incentive and promised that if she went off to the gym I would give her a good licking when she got home. Hey, even when you are D/s it is good to offer the carrot rather than the stick now and then.

So after our shower we adjourned to the bedroom where I pushed her onto her back near the foot of the bed. I placed my hands under her knees lifting her delicious peach up a bit higher so I could fully enjoy every last drop of her. While Molly tells me I am the only man to ever make her orgasm from oral I am not always successful at getting her to come that way. So while I licked her from stem to stern she brought her wank finger to the party and then I added two of mine to her tight wet cunt and rubbed against her G-spot until she came. While she came I slid a very wet finger into her bottom so I could feel her twitch and pulse as she did.

By this time I was a tiny bit aroused myself so I fucked her hard and fast while she licked her juices from my face. It always gets me really excited when she does that and I had an orgasm of my very own. Win and win.

There really isn’t any overarching moral or point to this post, but fuck it. I can’t be profound every day, now can I?


P.S. by Molly… You missed the bit where you bit my thighs and labia and tugged on my clit with your teeth, all the while proclaiming I was your lunch. Oh and I have no friggin idea what my peach is? Well I can make a guess but really, a peach? Because it is a bit furry and juicy? Mine is lacking in fur so I think maybe I am more nectarine.

One thought on “Hot Fun in the Summertime

  1. Molly, my ex would sometimes call me Peaches. It was a term of endearment as well as an unsubtle reference to the sweet tangy taste of my lady bits, and I always felt a mixture of “Awww…” and WTF? when he called me that.

    And I’ve had subsequent lovers – including my spouse – make the furred fruit comparison. It still raises my eyebrow a bit, but it also makes me smile.

    Perhaps looking at the nuanced shape and feeling the texture of a halved peach would help the visual along?

    Or maybe it’s an American thing…

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