Molly kneel

Take a Knee

As I have said before I am not very typical as Doms go, I don’t pretend to be dark and tortured to bring all the subbies to my door. But I will stop this rant before I begin it. I am here to talk about kneeling.

Molly and I have a low protocol D/s relationship and that is just the way I like it. So kneeling only happens when there is a reason for her to be on her knees. I don’t have her kneel in the corner and wait. I have her kneel and open her little slut mouth so that I can use it, use her just as she was meant to be used. Or maybe I will tip her forward and push my cock into her from behind. There are so many things that start with her on her knees that I find myself getting a little wound up just thinking about it.

I know that our relationship isn’t the same as many others and I know that the Story of O is what a lot of people believe that D/s looks like. That being owned means you must be much more submissive and it comes with many rules and tasks and we certainly dabble in that as the mood strikes. I know that there are many who find that style of relationship quite desirable and I am all for people finding what works for them.

Our relationship is not complicated with a surfeit of rules there really only is one. I am in charge and she is there for me to exert my will on.  It keeps things simple, she knows what her purpose is and that makes us both happy.  And if that means she ends up on her knees if front of me, so much the better.


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