rumble of the doxy

Rumble in the Jungle

The Kink of the Week is Vibrators. Now for me personally vibrators don’t do anything. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t think they have their uses. I most certainly do. I just don’t use them on me.

A quick aside, while I might be quite jealous of other men, I have heard that there are men that are jealous of sex toys. This, I think, deserves a post of its own but I will say that I think being jealous of an inanimate object is a sign of greater insecurities than I have. And that is saying something!

Anyway, back to the post at hand. While Molly is often not a fan of vibrators (with a few notable exceptions) I like to use a few in our D/s play. Most often the Doxy™ since it is big, which makes it easy to rope into place and I like the rumble. I tend to use it along with an insertable, usually the Adam  from Godemiche since Molly enjoys it so very much.

You see I like to force her to orgasm, over and over. There is something that stirs my dominant soul to make her orgasm even when she doesn’t want to. To wring that from her body even though her mind says stop. I find it especially gratifying if I can also get her to squirt because that both turns her on and embarrasses her and makes me want to make her do it again.

So sometime soon, I will need to strap her to the armchair, or bench, or bed and switch on the vibrator. When she hears that rumble I am sure she will know what is going to come next. I know I will love milking every last orgasm from her that I can.

And if I can leave her in a twitching puddle then I will consider it a job well done.


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