stainless steel paddle with spikes

Grate Expectations

We (well, I really) call this little beauty the Cheese Grater and it is the next stop on the Toy Tour™

Another purchase from TrussedUK (try as I might I can’t find it on their site) and an item that I enjoy greatly. Molly kinda, sorta likes it. Well, what she likes is the results because this is another item that can give her the one thing that is sure to send her spiraling off into subspace almost instantly. It makes her bleed.

It is a solid piece of stainless steel that has had a metal tip of some sort pressed into the flat surface at an angle to give it raised pointed edges that are remarkably sharp and if you look at those points and depressions that are a result of this process you can see why I call it what I do. It looks a lot like the surface of a cheese grater transferred to a very heavy steel paddle.

I am a big fan of metal toys, there is something about them that feels so right in my hands. The heft of them, the cool smooth feel. Not to mention that they work so well for sensation play. Pop this sucker in the freezer for a few hours and I have have Molly wiggling and moaning and calling me a bastard in very short amount of time. That makes me grin and nothing means a session is going better than when she is swearing and I am grinning.

I always start by sliding it across her body and making her shiver, then I apply the non-spikey side to her bottom. I like to keep her on her toes as it were by flipping the paddle in my hand so that sometimes it is the spikes that come in contact with her sweet red bottom. It takes a slow steady pace to get her to the place where she can bear the strokes of the wicked little implement until the final desired outcome is achieved.

steel paddle resting on Mollys bottom

But it is well worth the effort.



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