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Preferential Treatment



I considered tweeting this morning about my breast preferences. I was going to do this because often I see images tweeted of women with very large breasts. I paused before I typed (a good thing I think) to consider what impact this tweet might have on other people. Would my preference cause someone to feel bad that they weren’t what I prefer?

I know that when other people talk about who they find attractive and what they find attractive about them I inevitably compare myself to them and oddly in my mind I never come out well by comparison. That is why instead of tweeting my original question I instead tweeted.

The spelling of grey is a gray area for preferencesWait, that is not right. Well I mean it is right, but it isn’t the tweet I wanted.

Preference TweetThat’s the right tweet. I got a lot of very interesting responses to that question. Mostly they were of the “No, people like what they like” with a few “like what you like but don’t put down those that don’t match your preference” and then a few that like me have some specific body insecurity issues. I was pleased that I didn’t get any idiotic responses, but then I hang with a very cool and sex positive crowd.

See the ridiculous amount of thought I put into things like this?

Anyway, since I didn’t tweet my breast preference I thought I would simply put them in this post with a few of my other preferences. Please keep in mind that these are not exclusions just what I tend towards and if you want to change my mind on any of there please let me know.

  1. I prefer Brunettes or Redheads (Billy Piper is a stand out exception for reasons. Call me Billy, we will have fun)
  2. I prefer an English accent, posh is cool, but when Molly gets all Cockney, my cock gets all hard-ney.
  3. Brains, I have thought about a T-shirt that says “You must be at least this smart to ride”
  4. Glasses, yeah I know, but it works for me
  5. Shorter is better for me and for me that can be a challenge because at 5′ 8″ I am not giant.
  6. As I am a dominant man I need a good bottom to spank, too small and I worry that I am going to break something.

I have known many gorgeous and beautiful women that meet none of those requirement (except the brains, that is non negotiable) that I would have happily had a tumble with, and some I have. But I like what I like for whatever reason I like.

Oh, and before you think I have forgotten, I prefer boobs to be on the small side. After all, we all have our preferences and I am almost definitely not yours.



2 responses to “Preferential Treatment”

  1. I think it’s hard to not have preferences as a person. We are attracted to what we are for a multitude of reasons. I’d like to think I’m smart and I am a glasses wearer with small breasts, but I’m probably not what you’re looking for (as if you were looking). That’s okay. ?

    1. To be completely honest I am not looking… but I have seen your pictures and you tick almost all the boxes for me 🙂


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