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The Lady on the Tube

I feel like this should be a “Missed Connections” Craigslist ad. We were heading to South London last night to meet up with a group of friends just to hang out and chat. We ended up driving into London and parking at Molly’s parents house (very handy for us) and taking the Northern Line to our eventual destination. This was rush hour on a Friday night so the Tube was very crowded.

We were taking the Tube a good long way and so people got on and off and we had to change because for reasons I am still not sure about the train we are on didn’t go all the way to the end of the line. About two stops from our destination we had to make room for more people getting on, when this really beautiful woman got on and squeezed in between Molly and myself. She was my height, with blonde hair in cornrow braids that hung down well beyond her shoulders. I noticed the contrast between my very pale skin and her very dark skin as our hands grazed while we both grasped the rail above our heads.

She glance over at Molly and did a very un-British thing, she spoke (this is not a common occurrence on the Tube in London) “Oh, I really love your collar” Molly said thanks and the we all shared a moment. You see we all believe that we are the few among the mainstream people in the world. That it is hard to find and identify others that share something in common without seeking each other out. But after she commented on Molly’s collar she turned to look at me and I smiled at her, and she smiled back and said “We are having a conversation aren’t we?” and we were. Without saying much of anything at all she knew what was what, and who was who.

I said “I feel like there should be a secret handshake” she responded with “I wonder what that handshake would look like?” Then I showed her the key tattoo on my wrist and she turned and Molly showed her the lock tattoo on hers. “Oh those are lovely. I’m going to tell my friend about this”

Just then we pulled into our station. “I am sorry, but this is us” I said and we made our way to the doors and stepped onto the platform (minding the gap of course) and headed for the exit. I looked at Molly and we were both grinning and Molly said “I felt like saying fuck it and riding a few more stops because that was so lovely” and she was right it was very lovely. We had shared a very cool few minutes of fun and clear understanding with someone without any of us knowing anything about each other except for a sharing of our kinks.

So while it is extremely unlikely that the lovely woman we met in passing on the Tube will read this. I have to say, you were lovely, wonderful and made us both smile to have exchanged so very much with so few words.

Thank you for that.



5 thoughts on “The Lady on the Tube

  1. How lovely! Maybe you should of handed her your card (s)… You do have some don’t you? With your info about your columns and maybe one for your big event next year! She could have been a good contact to have. You never know!
    Carpe diem.

  2. Definitely a missed connection.. I would have wanted to keep riding the train also!

    I like the idea of the card for that situation!

  3. Meetings like that are rare, but when they happen they feel so good. I loved this story. I was a lovely end to a rather long day, and for that *I’m* grateful.

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