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The Business of Sex



My journey into the world of adult blogging is a relatively new thing. Not reading blogs, that is something I have been doing since the dawn of blogging itself. But being involved with so many sex bloggers and sex toy companies is a new venture.

Here is what I have learned. The big toy companies mostly irritate me. They are (for the most part) only interested in the bottom line. Now I know that if you don’t pay attention to the bottom line you very quickly go out of business, but if you only focus on the ROI you might as well be selling bobble heads.

These people sell something unique from the general stuff of daily life. They are selling a product that is very personal and intimate. Something that many people put inside their bodies. When you make that kind thing ethics might play a somewhat larger role than if you are making a toaster.

But the smaller companies I know, well they seem to be a different story. These folks seem to have the end user firmly in mind while growing their companies. They care about the materials they use, they care about about how they market their product. In short, they care. To me that is someone I prefer to deal with. Not some big drop ship company, but someone I can put a face too.

We can choose who we give our money to and time and again we almost always seek out the small family businesses or the companies just starting out who care just as much about the quality of the products they make as they do trying to make a living at it. I am pleased to say that I am often blown away at how much they care. How much they care about us the bloggers as well as the people who spend their hard earned money on whatever it is they make. I am also proud to call many of them my friend.

I want them to succeed, and I will go the extra mile to support them, because I know they support us.  Because unlike many giant retailers in this industry, they actually give a damn. To be clear I am talking about Lelo and Ann Summers, if you work for a big sex toy company that does care. Why not show me?



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  1. Great post. Loving your Adam met the guys behind the product at Smut Scarborough what a great team and company they are. Support the family/small business always my motto too. Great to find more and more in this industry and all lovely folk. Xx

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