Molly in the Summer sun

Dead of Summer

Sometimes called the dog days of Summer, the dreaded month of August. I have mentioned in the past that hot doesn’t work for me. This week it has been very hot for England, while doesn’t hold a candle to the misery that is August in Philly it has been rather unpleasant for me. Molly loves the heat and spent the last few days complaining that she was unhappy with all the work she had to get done because she couldn’t sit outside and use her computer.

She also spent a great deal of time trying to get me to come outside and sit in the sun. I don’t mind being in the sun in the Winter but going outside in the heat is just pure insanity and I refuse to take part in this nonsense. It also has very different impacts on our respective libidos. She gets very horny and I get very “touch me and I will dissolve into a puddle of sweat”. I, my dear friends, was made for cooler climes, or at the very least for a time in the future yet to come where my body is surrounded by a form fitting force field that is kept at a constant seventy two degrees Fahrenheit.

This tends to put us at odds during the warmer days, she wants full body on body contact while I want to be put in a deep freezer and covered in frost whilst I sip an iced tea. Luckily for us there are things that we can do that involve minimal touching for me but still give her the sex she craves. So last night when any sensible human would be immersed in air conditioning we were trying a new g-spot vibrator in a variety of ways which ended up being used as a clitoral vibrator while I fingered her.

But I have to be honest, it got me excited and after she came I just had to fuck her. Just goes to show the sacrifices I am willing to make for her. Even in the dead of Summer.


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