Panties on the floor for a rant

Rants in my Pants

I am going to have bit of a rant. Shocking I know.

Some wannabe celebrity posted this message today and I took umbrage (no I am not giving it back) I will post his own words so that we can be outraged together.


I have sooooo many issues here. Let’s start with how he sees a hot woman and his first thought is marriage, like anyone looks at someone across a crowded bar and that is their first plan of action. And notice how he phrases it like children, a fireplace and a fancy oven is what all women are just pining away for. And he is the guy to give that to them, they should be so very grateful.

But then these women go off script and because they are thinking this is their only shot at marrying this halfwit they think he might be good for a tumble because, and hang onto your hats here, they have their own sexual agency. Yep, woman can have sex for whatever reason they want. Just. Like. The. Dickhead. Why are they sullied in his eyes and yet he is not diminished at all? Because he only understands his own needs and desires. They are all that matter.

What unmitigated gall. To think that these women need to meet some standard that he really doesn’t want them to meet (otherwise he wouldn’t fuck them) with the goal of capturing his long term attention. It is just a prime example of a rampant attitude towards woman that needs to die a quick but painful death. Were this man my son he’d have never come to this point because the first time I heard him talk about women like this would have been his last.

What makes it worse is that he is a minor celebrity and that other impressionable young people of both genders might hear and heed his words. That just makes me see red. I need to end this rant before I write another ten thousand words because the more I think about what he said the more points I think of to write about and we all have busy lives.

Women have the right to have sex when they want, how they want, and with who they want. I just hope that they are on the lookout for this guy and the others like him. As the gun shop in Maine so artfully put it. He deserves a Vagenda of Manocide.


3 thoughts on “Rants in my Pants

  1. Again, you have hit one of my hot buttons. I had expected the intelligence of sexuality to increase by now, but it seems like ignorance of human sexuality is worse now than it was 50 years ago.

    My 17 year old granddaughter posted this on Facebook written by a 22 year old so-called man: (You’re going to love this.)

    “Good girls take 6-12 months to move on. Only hoes jump from dude to dude. Don’t argue with me, this is science!”

    To say I saw red when I read this on her wall was an understatement, and read her the riot act. Her mother was 17 when this granddaughter was born and is afraid that her daughters will do the same thing, so she puts the fear of sex into both of them. Their other grandmother has told them that only sluts spread their legs for men, and there is only one reason to do so and that’s to get pregnant. That men need and want sex because they are uncontrollable animals and women are simply suppose to just “endure” it.

    This was the same message that my mother told me and it has taken me 50 years to get over the fear and guilt of wanting and having sex, and not knowing very much about it. I’ve learned more about human sexuality, relationships, anatomy and consent in the past three years than I had in the 40 years previous.

    Perhaps if I had learned about sex, about my own body and about my right to say no (or yes), I wouldn’t have had been raped four times. It pisses me off royally that kids are still being taught this garbage.

  2. Hello again. It has been awhile since I’ve had time to visit here. Hope you and Molly are well.

    These personality types are more often than not… useless, a waste of our valuable time & energy. Why? Three simple reasons:

    1. They have a preconceived, very flawed concept of what sex is and can be… extremely pleasurable!
    2. With a highly rigid ‘ancient’ ill-conceived #1 above, this useless waste of internet space forgot that just as she decided to fuck him on a first meet, HE did exactly the same thing! Which clearly defines #3 below…
    3. Any man who still thinks and behaves under the false delusion that society functions best under the Patriarchal “purity” systems rather than gender equality needs to go live in Russia or most hyper-religious theocracies like the Middle East who still live in a decaying stagnate past. Perhaps he would be more suited for Syria or Iran where all the women are completely covered and would never speak to a stranger. At least there he would get his version of female integrity. (chuckling)

    Exception Clause — Naturally, what I’ve stated above applies in a general conventional society; the SSC BDSM world is a completely different consensual construction by all participants.

    Seriously, does anyone in their right normal mind find an over-inflated ego attractive, let alone fun when EVERYTHING centers around them — or in this case, around him? (gag… and not the good kind!)

    A deserved rant and retort Michael. Well done!

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