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A Tisket, A Task-et

I have written about our complex relationship with tasks. Mostly that I set them and Molly forgets to do them.  It isn’t that bad really she is just easily distracted and as I have said before it is equally my fault when tasks go awry. But that doesn’t mean I am ready to give up on task.

We were talking about tasks while she was driving back from hauling one teenager or another from place to place because it is the current kink of the week and on a whim I set her a task. “When you get home and pull in the driveway make yourself orgasm before you come inside.” Now she had been sitting in a very hot car for well over an hour and asked if we could relocate her task. Being the wonderful and considerate Dom that I am I said sure. Then she asked if she could do it a bit later when it cooled down. Once again in a fit of Domly munificence I allowed it.

This is where I went awry, we are both busy people and she got distracted with work. I was aware she had not accomplished her task but I wanted to give her enough rope to hang herself. Sure enough the next day when I mentioned the task her face fell. She isn’t willfully avoiding her tasks she just lets other jobs distract her from them. Now I am not so slack that this kind of behavior goes unpunished, the price for not completing her task will be addressed this weekend.

But I am not giving up on tasking her. I just need to find a way to make them work better and I think that means I am going to stop making exceptions for when she does them. It will now be that she must complete the task when and where I ask her to do them.

Or pay the forfeit immediately. Then there won’t be any regrets on her part that she didn’t do as she was told.


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4 thoughts on “A Tisket, A Task-et

  1. Oooh . . . you are sounding such a hard “task-master”, especially in that last sentence!

    I am quite intrigued now . . . to see how it all plays-out . . . intrigued, and a little excited!!!

    Xxx – K

  2. This is me too, work often leaves me exhausted by the time I get home I’m just useless! I forget to do them and he’ll often forget to check too. I do find I need some kind of structure when life is spinning out of control, I need to have my feet kept on the ground!

  3. Love reading Mollys take on tasks, then your view of the same, and agreeing that the “me too” factor of daily life just happens – and often causes me to forget the task at hand.

    Wonder how I would react to paying the forfeit immediately….hmmm interesting!

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