girly shoes worn for the vicar

Yes Minister

“We live ridiculous lives” She said as she leaned up from the spanking bench to kiss me at Fem Sub Social Club. I laughed and said. “What do you mean?” “I’m over forty and you are a Grandfather and we are spending our Sunday afternoon with you beating my bottom while most people our age are having a Sunday roast. I love it”

And she is right, it is ridiculous, but in the most wonderful way. We spent they day chatting and playing, being silly, laughing with our friends and being sexy. We were surrounded by people who feel just they way we do and they are of all ages and shapes. Isn’t that an amazing thing.

The theme for this months event was The Village Fete. Now I had to ask Molly several times exactly what that means because being from a foreign land we don’t really have equivalents for these kind of events (if you don’t believe me take a moment and google “Morris Dancers”) but in the end I got a notion of what it might me.

They had water fights and egg races and even a bouncy castle all for us to play with. A cake sale, candy floss (cotton candy for the murricans) and ice cream cones. And BDSM, yes all of that innocent fun and kink all at the same time. It was a fabulous day and no one batted an eye at all the going on. It was wonderful and sexy and all so completely accepting in a way that I can’t convey without you being there.

In light of Molly’s comment on it all being so joy inducingly ridiculous it made me reflect on how many people in the world would feel that not only what we were doing was wrong but they would spew hate at all of us for behaving like this. That made me sad, to think that some people can’t see the joy and love and just plain fun in what we do and feel the need to suppress us. I have no solutions to help them see that we are people deserving of happiness just like they are when they are blind to anything but there narrow view of the world. That makes me sad, not just that they can’t see the wonder in being able to spend a day as we did, but that as far as I can see they have no room for joy at all.

That is a true shame.


P.S. Since I am not much of one for costumes I went (as many other men did) as a Vicar and Molly went as a very naughty Vicar’s daughter. She looked fucking hot!


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