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The Best Part of Waking Up

Is cupping your wife. I know, the Folgers jingle it ain’t, but it has been a busy day so it is the best you are going to get.

We had a lovely kids free weekend that we put to good use. I put her on the carpet on top of her aftercare blanket with her lovely ankle cuffs on. I attached her cuffs to the spreader bar that has a Vac-u-lok fitting that works nicely with the Godemiche Adam and of course no multiple orgasm session would be complete without the Doxy to wring each one out of her body.

And then there are the vacuum cups. Kind of like the cherry on top of the Sundae, they add just the right finishing touch to the whole scene. What are vacuum cups? Well, they are like fire cups but you don’t have to risk life and limb to use them on a whim. I personally am a big fan of not setting anyone I love (including myself) on fire and I find these give all the sensation and none of the risk to home and family.

Made of heavy duty glass they have a one way valve on the top and a handy nipple to slip the pump over and with a few strokes they raise a lovely round circle and with enough time and pressure you can get these amazing perfectly round purple bruises.

glass cups mark
glass cups mark

I vastly enjoy using the cups, they are easy to apply, stay in place on their own and she gasps every time I slide my finger beneath the glass to break the seal against her skin and she will spend hours pressing the marks afterwards.

These are something that I never ever leave at home when we are going out to play and they see lots of use at home as well.

Molly might be a pessimist, but I make sure the glass is half full.


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